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Canada Now Allows Medical Marijuana to be Grown at Home When it comes to medical marijuana, Canada didn’t necessarily put the best policies in place from the get-go. Original policies left patients with low income unable to access medical marijuana due to high costs set by the only licensed provider in the country – and home growing was not an option. This lead to […]

They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CXXIII Dr. Carl Hart hits the nail on the head here. Firstly, it makes zero sense for the DEA to base decisions about rescheduling marijuana solely on its medical capabilities when the DEA itself states that the basis for drug schedules is two-fold: “Drugs, […]

Illegal Patient Profiles: Pain from Head to Toe Anyone who has ever experienced debilitating pain knows how much it can affect your life. It affects your employment, your friendships and relationships with family; it can cripple your social life entirely, leaving you alone and broken with no quality of life. The […]

DEA Sends Warning Shot to Hemp Growers Source: Bend Bulletin Oregon regulators, farmers look for answers on hemp “principles” SALEM — Buried in the news Thursday that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration decided not to move medical marijuana to a lower point on the Controlled […]

The Real Danger in Your Water Isn’t THC The term red herring defines something that is being used to mislead people and misdirect their attention from important issues to less relevant ones. With this in mind, I propose the cannabis industry adopt the term “green herring” to define to the […]

Petition: Tell Chris Christie to Sign Bill Adding PTSD as Medical Cannabis Condition On August 1st New Jersey’s full legislature gave approval to Assembly Bill 457 which would add post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying medical cannabis condition. The vote in the Senate was 29 to 9; the vote in the Assembly was 56 […]
13/08/2016 - 02:24:00

Maryland Marijuana Possession Laws Maryland Marijuana Possession Laws: Less than 10 grams: Penalty: Civil infraction up to $100 (up to $500 if caught consuming in public). 10 grams to 50 pounds: Penalty: Misdemeanor with up to 1 year in jail and/or a maximum fine of $1,000. 50 […]

Costa Rica Destroys over Half Million Marijuana Plants EspañolCosta Rican authorities located and destroyed 521,860 marijuana plants in 48 plantations spanning over 36,234 square meters, a press release issued by the Interior ministry said on Thursday, August 10.The crop was found during […]

Denying patient access to cannabis is a “crime against humanity,” says Glen Mayes, medical refugee from Texas. Despite some form of legalization in 25 states and Washington D.C., marijuana will remain ranked among the most dangerous drugs. The DEA announced that Thursday, refusing to recognize it has any medical benefits. Glen Mayes loves his South Austin home. His […]

Cannabis Syzurp: A Healthy Alternative to Dangerous Purple Drank? “Purple Drank” is a euphoric, opioid-infused cough syrup that’s combined with flavored soda to create a deliciously lethal cocktail. The codeine cough syrup developed by Big Pharma as a medicinal product quickly gained ranks within the hip hop […]

Mettrum Health Corp. Responds to Health Canada’s Proposed Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Aug. 11, 2016) – Mettrum Health Corp. (TSXV:MT.V), a vertically integrated provider of cannabis products, is pleased to respond to today’s announcement by Health Canada that new regulations governing […]

NW Cannabis Club Job Fair This September Tired of your boring old job and looking for something new and fresh in the cannabis industry? The NW Cannabis Club will be hosting a job fair this coming September for those of you looking. Businesses will be onsite looking for receptionists, budtenders, customer […]

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says She Would Reschedule Cannabis if Elected President In response to the DEA’s decision to retain cannabis as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, Hillary Clinton’s campaign says that if she’s elected president, she will reschedule cannabis. “Marijuana is already being used for medical purposes […]
12/08/2016 - 17:07:00

Purple Kush Cake Recipe By Herb.co PREP TIME: 10 Minutes COOK TIME: 30 Minutes READY IN: 40 Minutes You love Purple Kush? Well you’re going to go insane for this cake. The best chocolate cake recipe ever! Ingredients ¾ cup THC oil18.25-ounce […]
12/08/2016 - 16:51:00

Recipe: Marijuana Monkey Bread If you’ve ever been to a fair or a park, you may have tasted monkey bread, that sticky, gooey pastry that finds a place on breakfast tables across the United States. For the sake of those who haven’t heard of the term—it’s a sweet dish that’s […]

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