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D.C.: Congresswoman Lee Joins National Cannabis Industry Association Press Conference Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Thursday joined several of her colleagues and members of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) for a press conference on Capitol Hill demanding respect for state laws and fairness for the industry.“Today, I’m pleased to join my colleagues and the National Cannabis Industry […]

Maryland: Baltimore Ravens' Monroe Makes Big Donation To Marijuana Research By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Baltimore Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe, ever the outspoken marijuana advocate, has donated $80,000 to a group researching medical marijuana at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania. The study is looking into […]

Washington: Study Says Licensed Grows Can Meet Recreational, Medical Marijuana Needs By Steve Elliott Hemp News A new study released on Thursday performed for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board by the University of Washington supposedly shows that the amount of marijuana allowed to be grown by state-licensed I-502 producers […]

Some may remember my run-ins in the past with Ashley Halsey III, a lazy stenographer who writes things down for the Washington Post. See: Washington Post Reporter Bamboozled by Drug Czar Ashley III Halsey – how the drug czar uses lazy reporters Ashley Halsey III again exemplifies bad journalism Well, Ashley is writing down information that’s been fed to him about marijuana and driving, […]

New York: Company Wants To Produce Cannabinoids Plants Other Than Marijuana By Steve Elliott Hemp News Wait, what? In another development on the fast-breaking front regarding the corporate takeover of cannabis, a New York-based company wants to produce cannabinoids in plants other than marijuana. 22nd Century Group, Inc., […]

The Clock Is Ticking: Register to Attend NORML’s 2016 Conference and Congressional Lobby Day! We are ten days out from NORML’s 2016 Conference and Congressional Lobby Day and we are excited to share with you the full itinerary! Have you registered to attend? We have some fun events planned and it would be a shame for you to miss out! Our […]

6 Reasons Victoria’s Dispensary Bylaws Are Better Than Vancouver’s Ted Smith Last year the city of Victoria announced it would follow the lead of Vancouver in licensing medical cannabis dispensaries soon after the big city declared their intentions. However, the final bylaws that Victoria will soon be passing are quite […]

Colorado: Cannabis Business Alliance Applauds 2016 Legislative Session As the 2016 legislative session comes to a close in Colrado, The Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA) on Thursday applauded legislators for what it called "the hard work and the goals achieved during the 2016 session." “The 2016 legislative session […]

Strain Review: Jack Skellington From Greeley Gallery Strain names can be fun, often times if a name tickles my fancy enough I’ll pick it up without even knowing anything about it. That’s partially the case with Jack Skellington, a sativa strain bred from Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. I picked this […]

Colorado: Over a Quarter Billion Dollars in Legal Cannabis Sold in First 3 Months of 2016 There was over $270 million in legal cannabis sold in Colorado in the first three months of the year, according to the state’s Department of Revenue. At this rate, there will be roughly $1.1 billion sold throughout 2016, an $100 million increase from 2015, […]

Louisiana House Approves Medical Cannabis Measure The bill would make Louisiana the 25th state in the nation — and the first state in the South — to adopt a comprehensive medical cannabis law; Governor John Bel Edwards has indicated he will sign the bill if given the chance The Louisiana House […]

Naturally Splendid Expands Facilities as Sales Opportunities Increase Naturally Splendid (TSXV:NSP) announced the Company has secured a lease for larger facilities in the Greater Vancouver area. The new facilities are located in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. The total area of the new facility is approximately 12,000 square […]

How to Grow Your Very First Cannabis Plant Here’s a nice and simple germination and grow technique for people who would like to casually dip their thumbs into the fun and rewarding hobby of cannabis growing. It uses the natural light from the sun and is completely organic. If things go well, […]
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What is Cannabis Ruderalis? Though you’re probably familiar with the indica and sativa subspecies of marijuana, did you know there’s another major one? Cannabis ruderalis, a relatively common third member of the cannabis family, typically grows wild in regions where hemp […]

Ohio House Vote Advances Medical Marijuana Bill Things are heating up in Ohio now that there will be a medical marijuana amendment being voted on in November. It seems that lawmakers are realizing that this initiative is likely going to pass – and they want to try and get ahead of the plan by creating laws […]

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