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Election 2016: Fighting Back After the Montana Legislature Undermined MMJ In Big Sky Country, where cannabis caravans once freely roamed signing up hundreds of medical marijuana patients a day, the future of the crumbling industry is on the ballot. Voters in Montana will decide Nov. 8 on Initiative 182, which would undo the devastating blow dealt to the 12-year-old medical marijuana system […]

Nurses Are Getting Hip To Cannabis Medicine It’s time for nurses and doctors to get trained on medical cannabis. Meet the group that’s leading the charge — United Patients Group. Incredible medical cannabis science breakthroughs are occurring near-daily, yet the medical community remains […]

Eaze Raises $25 Million in Total Funding Eaze, a private company focused on on-demand medical marijuana technology, announced the completion of a $13 million Series B financing round. The company has now raised more than $25M in total funding. As quoted in the press release: Since launching […]

Who Is This Anti-Marijuana Zealot Sheldon Adelson? I am writing today about a somewhat mysterious man who has spent tens of millions of dollars to try to prop up marijuana prohibition. In fact, he has become the big fish in the anti-marijuana funding world. His name is Sheldon Adelson, and he is an 82-year-old […]

Jimmy Buffet Votes Yes on Amendment 2 to Legalize Medical Cannabis, “Duh!” Iconic singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet has released a video making it clear that he has voted in favor of Amendment 2 to legalize medical cannabis, which is on the November 8th ballot. “Amendment 2. Medical marijuana — Duh!” Buffet says, chuckling. […]

British Police Forces Have Essentially Decriminalized All Illegal Drugs Two British police forces have been experimenting with the decriminalization of all illegal drugs, according to Vice News. The report, which was penned by columnist Max Daly, suggests the Durham and Avon & Somerset police departments have been running […]

Laguna Announces Deployment of a European Distribution Strategy for Carlsbad CBD Water and CannaCeuticals CBD Skin Care Products KELOWNA, BC – October 24, 2016 – Laguna Blends (CSE:LAG; OTCMKTS:LAGBF; FRA:LB6A) announces its European sales, marketing and distribution strategy to penetrate the European market. Laguna intends to enter the multibillion dollar bottled water […]

Could Delaware Be First to Legalize Marijuana in 2017? Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Could it also be the first state to legalize marijuana by an act of the legislature? So far, every state to end cannabis prohibition has done so through the will of voters at the ballot box, […]

Cronos Group Closes Previously Announced Transaction to More Than Double Acreage at in the Zone Produce’s BC Production Campus PharmaCan Capital, doing business as Cronos Group (TSXV: MJN) (“Cronos Group” or “the Company”), is pleased to announce the closing of its previously announced acquisition of approximately 17 acres of land adjacent to the existing campus […]

Two Weeks Until Election Day: A Breakdown of the 9 Statewide Cannabis Initiatives We are now just two weeks and a day away from the November 8th election. Nine states are voting on cannabis initiatives, including five that would legalize cannabis for everyone 21 and older. Recent polling shows all nine measures in good position for approval, […]

Leading the Social Media Revolution: An Interview with Jessica Blunt of Blunt House Media Image Courtesy of Blunt House Media When it comes to cannabis law reform, there are many cogs working together to facilitate the progress we have seen in the last few years. Of all the areas where work is being done and the cause of freedom is being advanced, […]

Study: Legalization Could Create 20,000 New Jobs in Sacramento, CA If California voters approve recreational marijuana legalization this November, it could prove to be very lucrative for the state and its municipalities. Truth Enterprises commissioned a study focused solely on the legal marijuana industry, according to Fortune. […]

The Message Kids Have Heard About Marijuana Through the Years Being a parent is hard. There are so many things you have to know and so many things you have to be good at. Most of all, you worry about your kids being safe. You don’t want them getting hurt or experimenting with substances that could do damage to their […]

If Cannabis is Rescheduled, Will Pharmaceutical Naming Protocol Apply? We’ve written extensively on cannabis trademarks and the unique issues posed by the fact that cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. Some of the highlights can be found here: Cannabis Trademarks: Back to the BasicsCannabis […]
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Legalization Roundup: October 24 More Americans Than Ever Want to Legalize Weed … More polls Show Support in Massachusetts and Cali … And Michigan Could Get Some Help Legalizing in 2018. Read all about it in the HIGH TIMES weekly Legalization Roundup for Oct. 24: Where: […]

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