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Rescheduling Cannabis: It’s Not A Matter Of If, But When There are two ways to reschedule a drug in America, through Congress or Executive action, and experts agree that Congressional action is the easiest and more realistic way to remove the Cannabis plant from its Schedule I status within the Controlled Substances Act. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Department of Justice […]
25/03/2016 - 16:45:00

Dixie Bath Soak If you have muscle, joint or skin issues, then Dixie Bath Soak is the perfect solution to treat your condition.Dixie Elixirs created the Dixie Bath Soak to allow people to relax their entire body in a warm, soothing bath, all while enjoying the pain-relieving medicinal […]

Clinton: State Marijuana Legalization Should Be ‘Supported’ With Sen. Marco Rubio’s withdrawal from the presidential race this month, every remaining candidate has pledged to let states legalize marijuana without federal interference. In an interview on Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, […]

Colorado Springs Bans Cannabis Cafes – Lawsuits Await Lawmakers After Amendment 64 passed, making Colorado the first state to legalize the recreational use and sale of cannabis, the first thing to spring up after new dispensaries were cannabis clubs. All over the state these clubs were popping up, giving people a place to go […]

Los Angeles Considering Using Marijuana Taxes to Help Homeless Los Angeles may have devised an unusual idea to curb the homelessness rates in the Skid Rows of old Hollywood. City officials are reportedly mulling over a plan in a series of budget talks that would utilize a portion of the tax revenue generated from the local […]
25/03/2016 - 15:16:00

Are You EndoCannabinoid Deficient? Owen Smith In a previous blog for Canlio I explained the basics of cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. As with any subject that is both new and complex, various theories are being explored by researchers seeking to explain and exploit cannabinoids […]

Arkansans for Compassionate Care are on Track to Put Medical Marijuana on the Ballot With elections approaching this fall, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in the number of states with petitions going around in hopes of legalizing marijuana in one form or another. For a number of states, this attempt is to legalize recreational use […]
25/03/2016 - 14:33:00

Purple Day Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. via www. […]
25/03/2016 - 14:28:00

Spain + Cannabis = Spannabis The thirteenth edition of Spannabis, Europe’s largest hemp, cannabis and “alternative technologies” event was recently held in Barcelona. Spannabis is not only the European cannabis industry’s most established trade fair; it is also one […]

The Greatest Hemp-Centric Expo on the Earth Anyone interested in helping to jumpstart the U.S. economy and reduce the planet’s greenhouse gases should get to Loveland, Colorado April 1-2. The annual NoCo Hemp Expo is celebrating its third year there increasing awareness around the rapidly […]
25/03/2016 - 08:10:00

Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug War MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Russ Belville Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug War (Or: What Took Y’all So Long?) The internet was ablaze this week with the bombshell that Richard Nixon’s Racist Drug […]

Pot Matters: Supreme Court Declines to Review Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana Colorado legalized marijuana, and neighboring states Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a motion with the Supreme Court to complain that this was a violation of federal law. On Monday, the Supreme Court, which has original jurisdiction over disputes between states, declined […]

Psychedelicatessen: Rum Reefer Raisin Cake Pops This classic cake gets updated and elevated with the addition of cannabis-infused butter and coconut oil for a show-stopping treat that's hard to beat! More on hightimes.com:Psychedelicatessen: Rum Reefer Raisin Cake Pops […]

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg Takes Public Feedback On Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Harrisburg may soon join the ever-growing list of US municipalities to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. Dozens of people from several communities are urging city leaders to soften the penalties for […]

H.E.M.P. Sunday Sessions Featuring Live Painting By Jessie Jordan High End Market Place Presents: SUNDAY SESSIONS Featuring: Live Painting by artist and H.E.M.P. budtender Jessie Jordan Sunday, April 27th, 2016 1-4pm MARIJUANA & CULTURE UNITE! Happening every last Sunday of the month, High End will feature […]

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