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What Is Kief? Kief is the gold at the end of a rainbow, the proverbial icing on the cake. Though it’s usually thought of as a byproduct of your weed, it’s actually the strongest part of the plant in terms of cannabinoids. The little bubbly crystals you see sprinkled all over your buds, along with the longer hairs, are called […]

Rhode Island: House Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Marijuana Legalization Bill The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday on a bill that would end marijuana prohibition in the state and replace it with a system in which adults can purchase marijuana from licensed businesses, similarly to alcohol. Shortly […]

Ohio: Medical Marijuana Initiative Campaign Team Formed Ballot issues vet Brandon Lynaugh — who helped lead the campaign against the Responsible Ohio initiative last year — will serve as campaign manager for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana Ohioans for Medical Marijuana on Monday announced it has formed […]

New Effort to Limit THC in Colorado Cannabis A recent amendment to a Colorado state bill has cannabis users across the state seeing red. This new proposal would cap THC levels in cannabis flower and extracts below the current averages of local product. According to The Denver Post, the new bill would […]

The Case Against Cannabis in Congress This year, nine states will consider adult-use marijuana and as lawmakers are looking to law enforcement for much needed data on how things are faring for states with legalization, there are Senators who disagree with the premise of ending the War on Drugs alt […]

Rhode Island Finally Gets a Hearing for Recreational Marijuana Bill Marijuana advocates have been eyeballing Rhode Island for the past couple of years as being a prime candidate to become one of the first states to end prohibition by way of the state legislature, but so far lawmakers have missed every opportunity to bring this […]

Denver Council Kills Bill Limiting the Number of Marijuana Dispensaries—For Now Denver City Council voted not to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries in the city. More on hightimes.com:Denver Council Kills Bill Limiting the Number of Marijuana Dispensaries—For Now […]

Colorado Can’t Decide If Medical Marijuana Should be Permitted in Schools or Not It was just last year when the first school in the country allowed a student to use medical marijuana on campus. That took place in New Jersey – a state with one of the most restrictive medical marijuana policies in the country; and yet, in Colorado they passed […]

Florida: Despite Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinances, Cops Keep Throwing Users in Jail Although the City of Tampa recently approved an ordinance decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, many local law enforcement agencies say they plan to continue throwing users in jail. More on hightimes.com:Florida: Despite Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinances, […]

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK–(Marketwired – April 12, 2016) -OrganiGram Holdings Inc. (TSX VENTURE:OGI)(OTCQB:OGRMF) (the “Company”) provides a preliminary synopsis of its 2nd quarter results.Highlights from the financial results for the quarter include a 38% increase in revenue, a 14% improvement in gross margin percentage and the achievement of positive year-to-date (YTD) EBITDA and cash flow from […]

California’s New Medical Pot Czar Highly Experienced in Regulation—Of Alcohol Let’s hope California’s initiative to legalize recreational marijuana passes this coming November, because medical pot is going to be regulated by the state’s first marijuana czar whose experience in the subject matter is somewhat limited. More […]

Vermont House of Representatives is Not Down to Legalize Marijuana After the successful passage of Senate Bill S.241, which would legalize up to an ounce of marijuana in the state of Vermont, the House of Representatives tore it to shreds. The original bill, which was up for review by the House Judiciary Committee this week, was […]

Vaccination Injury, Seizures and Cannabis Medicine: An Interview with Georgia Smithson Georgia Smithson is a 47-year-old woman living in San Diego with her husband and 15-year-old daughter Rachel. I interviewed Georgia via telephone last week to learn more about how cannabis medicine has impacted her family’s life. Because of the sensitive […]

County Sees More Legal Marijuana Sales Than Retail Sales of Wine, Bread or Milk The amount of money spent on legal marijuana sales in Spokane County last year was larger than the retail sales of wine, bread or milk. More on hightimes.com:County Sees More Legal Marijuana Sales Than Retail Sales of Wine, Bread or Milk […]

The U.S. Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control held a hearing last week to discuss whether the Department of Justice is “adequately protecting the public from the impact of state recreational marijuana legalization.”Before getting into the meat of the program, it’s worth noting that the Narcotics Caucus isn’t the type of committee tasked with introducing and approving legislation for […]

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