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Black Forest Available wherever Blue Kudu products are carried. With graduation just behind us, it’s time to reflect on the hard work that comes with growing up. A perfect example is Blue Kudu, a company that—much like their logo—has taken the leap to the next level with their new Black Forest CBD bars. Gorgeously […]

Toronto Police Raid More Than 40 Marijuana Dispensaries At a time when the Canadian government is moving toward progressive policies to bring down prohibition across the entire scope of the northern nation, police in the Toronto area have unleashed a savage attack against medical marijuana dispensaries all over the […]

NFL Player Says Cannabis is Solution for Pain Therapy Eugene Monroe is a professional athlete who plays in the National Football League (NFL) as a tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. In December 2015, Monroe went through recovery for shoulder surgery and was prescribed opioids. During this time, Monroe stated that he […]

Study: Rates Of Problematic Cannabis Use Falling Among Teens Fewer adolescents are consuming cannabis; among those who do, fewer are engaging in problematic use of the plant, according to newly published data in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Investigators at Washington University […]

North Carolina: Bill Seeks Medical Marijuana Legalization By Derrick Stanley Hemp News North Carolina legislators have introduced a bill which would legalize medical marijuana in the state. In 2014, Governor Pat McCrory signed into law an act that mace CBD oil legal for use in treating epilepsy. The measure […]

Canada: Toronto Police Raiding Marijuana Dispensaries For Non-Medical Sales By Steve Elliott Hemp News Toronto police are currently raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, charging people for trafficking non-medical cannabis. The drug squad is reportedly working with several police divisions, along with the […]

Lawmakers Press Obama on Marijuana Reform A bipartisan group of members of Congress is stepping up pressure on President Obama to take administrative action on marijuana policy reform before he leaves office early next year. “During the next few months you have a rare opportunity to move the […]

Ohio House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill All that remains for medical marijuana legalization in Ohio is governor John Kasich’s signature. The Ohio House approved House Bill 523 Wednesday night (67-28), hours after the Senate passed passed it by an 18-15 vote. The bill state representatives […]

Kind Across Is Dropping Some Terpene Knowledge Established in 2015, based in Seattle – Kind Across works with recreational cannabis producers and processors to advocate for responsible and sustainable consumer demand throughout the state of Washington. We recognize the extent to which producers […]

Decriminalization is Not Enough for Cannabis Advocates at NORML Lobby Days Leading up to NORML’s 2016 lobby day, on Monday, cannabis reform experts spoke about racial injustice, bias in the media, and individual states’ concerns at an educational cannabis conference in Washington, D.C. at The George Washington University Elliott […]

Aurora Colorado Uses Cannabis Tax Dollars to Help the Homeless Now this is what we like to see! It is a noteworthy story any time “excess” tax dollars are reinvested in the community they were taken from, and seemingly put to good use. Colorado voted on what to do with excess cannabis tax dollars in 2015 – […]

U.S.: House Judiciary Committee Unanimously Approves Law Helping Fight Asset Forfeiture Legislation Eases Burden of Contesting a Government Forfeiture and Raises Government’s Burden to Keep Property Advocates Caution that the Bill Will Not End Policing-for-Profit The U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary on Wednesday unanimously approved […]

Marijuana Concentrates: Rick Steves Stumps For Maine, Stoned Sheep Stampede Welsh Countryside, POTUS Gets Grilled On Past Pot Use Ganja and travel guru Rick Steves pledged to match your donation when giving to the Maine marijuana legalization initiative, stoned sheep go on a psychedelic rampage through the Welsh countryside, and BHO (Barack Hussein Obama) gets quizzed by a Vietnamese student […]

Oregon: Marijuana Edible Makers Launch 'Try 5' Public Education Campaign The Oregon Responsible Edibles Council on Thursday announced the launch of their initial public education campaign, “Try 5.” OREC, formed in late 2015, is a non-profit trade association of Oregon edible marijuana processors, with a mission of educating […]

MassRoots Denied Listing Approval by NASDAQ A company that has grown significantly since its start in 2013, MassRoots has become one of the biggest successes of the cannabis industry to date. The social network is geared around cannabis users, offering them a way to find like-minded individuals in their […]

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