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New Hampshire: Legislature Moves To Add PTSD To Medical Marijuana List By Steve Elliott Hemp News A bill introduced on Thursday in the New Hampshire Assembly would add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of ailments eligible for medical marijuana authorizations. Medicinal cannabis was legalized in New Hampshire in 2013, but remains hard to get. The proposed legislation comes […]

Civil Disobedience: Georgia State Rep. Admits to Breaking the Law for Medical Marijuana Patients “Maybe at some point there is a need for civil disobedience.” ~ Allen Peake– Indeed…Georgia State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon), a longtime advocate of medical marijuana in the Peach State, said he’s willing to break the law to […]

My Marijuana Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Russ Belville I’m a political junkie and have watched all of the Republican and Democratic presidential debates so far. If I were one of the moderators, these are the marijuana questions […]

Paranoid Stoners Driving High With 20lbs of Weed Call 911 On Themselves Two self-proclaimed “dumbasses” driving high in Idaho with 20 pounds of weed called the police on themselves after they got “spooked” about cops following them. East Idaho News released audio of a 911 call from last year that led to […]

Radical Rant - Kids After Legalization: Marijuana’s Not Risky But It’s Harder To Get During the medical marijuana era and into the marijuana legalization era, kids are finding it harder to acquire marijuana, they think marijuana use is less risky, they disapprove of marijuana use less, they support marijuana prohibition less, and they are using […]

Study Shows Cannabis Not Linked to Lower IQ While it is often preached that teenagers who smoke marijuana on a regular basis are bound to experience diminished intelligence in their adult lives, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Minnesota are disputing this claim […]

NORML’s Legislative Round Up January 22nd, 2016 Plenty of marijuana law reform legislation was introduced in state legislatures across the country this week! We have news out of Georgia, Kansas, New Hampshire, Utah and Washington. Plus some news from abroad! Keep reading below to get the latest news in marijuana […]

Maryland Legislature Rejects Veto, Paraphernalia Decriminalized Despite an attempt by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to continue bringing the criminal hammer down on those caught in possession of marijuana paraphernalia, those caught with pipes, bongs and other smoking devises no longer have to worry about being sent to jail. […]

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program Is in Danger State legislators continuously attempt to undermine the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) that voters passed in 2010. But a current attempt by Rep. Jay Lawrence via bill HCR2019 would ultimately decimate Arizona’s medical marijuana program.HCR2019 proposes […]

10 Year Study Reveals Marijuana Doesn’t Lower IQ The conclusion of a recent study conducted via University of Southern California has proven that there is no significant link to teen marijuana use and a lower IQ. The study, conducted on sets of identical twins that either used or abstained from marijuana use […]

Chile Unveils Largest Cannabis Farm in Latin America Chile is now home to the largest cannabis plantation in Latin America. On Jan. 19, the farm was formally inaugurated. The farm will supply 4,000 patients with medical marijuana. About 275 kilometers south of Santiago lies a small village name Colbun. Colbun is […]

The complex effects of nicotine when mixed with cannabis Tobacco and cannabis have a strange relationship, one that has lasted for centuries but has been continually turbulent. Why do so many people use the two together? As usual with cannabinoid science, the truth is stranger than anything that could be dreamed up.Tobacco […]

Michigan Growers Deal With the Flint Water Crisis Flint, Michigan has a water crisis. In my hometown, we can't drink our water. Too much lead, too many microbes. The Red Cross brought a faucet filter and a case of water to our door, but that's a temporary solution for a long-term situation. The human cost […]

The Real Story of 'Marijuana Truth Serum' and the CIA's Sordid History of Drug Use The story about the marijuana truth serum and its use by America’s spy agency in the1940shas been around for a while. It’s important history, though, and worth re-telling. More on hightimes.com:The Real Story of 'Marijuana Truth Serum' […]

WA: Enough Cannabis Sold in Past 7 Months to Fill 45 Million Joints, Enough Oil for 40 Million Dabs In Washington State, cannabis is big business. Despite the state having a system that puts arbitrarily low caps on the number of cannabis businesses allowed, we recently reported that there is $2.3 million in legal recreational cannabis sold each day, according […]

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