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El Chapo Escaped Prison With Help From “Highest Levels of Government” Beltrán said “sometimes” the government doesn’t imprison witnesses who could testify against some of its officials. (Diario19) Español The “Queen of the Pacific” Sandra Ávila Beltrán said in an interview this week that she was not surprised […]

DEM Pure Certification: Paving the way for Sustainable Cannabis “Gardening is one of the single biggest acts of protest for consumerism.” – Dragonfly Earth Medicine As the marijuana movement gains momentum nationwide, more stories in the media are drawing attention to the fact that our precious greens […]

The House Decided Against Studying Medical Marijuana It’s really unfortunate that our government is not ready to admit their wrong when it comes to marijuana policy, even in the slightest. Last week, the United States House Rules Committee decided not to allow three different proposals pertaining to medical marijuana […]

Oregon Hemp: New Rules Advance the Ball A few months ago, we wrote that Oregon was busy revitalizing its dormant industrial hemp program. After the passage of emergency House Bill 4060, that program looked good. Things got even better this month, when the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) quietly […]

Hemp Interviews from the NoCo Hemp Expo SOURCE: NoCo Hemp Expo and HempTomorrow.TV One of the many activities at the April NoCo Hemp Expo was the Hemp Tomorrow stage where over 30 guests were interviewed on their involvement in the hemp industry. Below is a small selection of the available […]

Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain Review The Scoop: When Seth Rogen and James Franco fired up Sony’s 2008 cult classic – Pineapple Express – it cultivated a fictitious star-crossed strain that first blazed its way into theaters … then dispensaries. Over the past 8 years, […]
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Pot Shopping Guide I grew up on the East Coast and my earliest weed dealers used to offer only two choices: Take it or leave it. I always chose “take it.” Nowadays I live in California and the modern marijuana retail experience offers so many strains, concentrates, […]

Dispensary Trying to Open Next to ASU Campus in Tempe Healing Health Care 3 is attempting to open a dispensary in Tempe by Arizona State University’s Karsten Golf Course at McClintock Drive and Rio Salado Parkway. The hopeful dispensary is arguing that the City of Tempe wrongfully exercised a zoning regulation to […]

City to Use $1.5M in Marijuana Tax Revenue to Help Homeless In an effort to assist the increasing homeless population in Aurora, Colorado, the city has decided to allocate $1.5 million in recreational marijuana sales tax dollars to aid those in need.City councilman, Bob Roth said, “We wanted to be able to show citizens […]

Colorado Governor Who Called Cannabis Legalization ‘Reckless’ No Longer Opposes it Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (Photo: CPR.org)In 2012, Colorado voters gave approval to Amendment 64, legalizing recreational cannabis for everyone 21 and older. Among the law’s most vocal and prominent opponents was the state’s Governor, John […]
18/05/2016 - 01:39:00

Your Guide To Marijuana Edibles Your Guide to Marijuana Edibles Though an exact date hasn’t been set in stone, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLC) will begin oversight of the recreational marijuana market in Oregon beginning in October, 2016. After several high profile […]
18/05/2016 - 00:41:00

Becks & Bryan are back for a new episode of Talking Loud. We had to re-record this episode because Becks was so white-girl wasted she forgot we even recorded. Join us for episode 4, Becks smoked some Super Silver Haze and we talk about the Cultivation Classic an event that was held in PDX, we also discuss the crackdowns on Portland cannabis events. Bryan’s started looking for employment in the industry and went […]

Germany: True Leaf Brings 'True Hemp' Pet Treats To Europe True Leaf collaborates with Pet Horizons to unveil product for European distribution at Interzoo®, world’s leading pet supply show With successful US and Canada launches under its belt, True Leaf International Ltd. on Tuesday announced it will soon […]

West Virginia: First Hemp To Be Planted In State Since WWII By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Next week, hemp seeds will be planted in West Virginia for the first time since World War II. The seeds are part of a West Virginia University research study to determine if the cannabis sativa plants can be used to clean […]
17/05/2016 - 20:25:00

Hemp as Modern Medicine Are you getting enough hemp in your diet? For years as cannabis battled it out in the political system, the courts and in the eyes of public opinion, its health-nut, exercise-loving, extremely good for you cousin hemp made its debut onto supermarket shelves […]

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