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Analysis looks at pot industry in state, county by the numbers As Washington’s marijuana industry emerges from its infancy, the numbers are starting to talk. In the first year of sales, June 2014 to June 2015, Clark County sold more recreational marijuana than 20 other counties combined, and was second in the state only to King County. That’s according to an analysis by […]

Spannabis, Europe’s Largest Cannabis Festival, Shapes Culture, Organizer Comes to ICBC MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Anthony Johnson Political victories are easy to see, but there are often underlying cultural events that shape our progress. Spannabis, one of the world’s leading cannabis festivals, […]

Mexican Senate President: Marijuana Law Reform a Priority Mexico’s Senate president says passing marijuana reform bills into law will be a priority in the new Congressional session starting next month.According to reports, Roberto Gil Zuarth told journalists at a briefing that he expects his […]

U.S.: Oregon Delegation Legislative Action - Removal of Cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act Oregon Officials, We are in a time of great change in our country with respect to the attitudes toward and understanding about cannabis, and as citizens, we will continue to fight for the liberation of the cannabis plant. Thousands of scientific studies have shown […]

Q&A With Debby Goldsberry, Legendary Cannabis Activist Debby Goldsberry has been on a mission for 30 years. Ever since she joined her college’s chapter of NORML in 1986, she has been working to, as she says, “save the planet and create a better America” through cannabis law reform. Only a handful […]

Study Of Teen Twins Finds No Evidence Marijuana Lowers IQ DENVER (CBS4) – A major concern of legal marijuana in Colorado and elsewhere is its accessibility to underage adolescents. Its effects on development are not fully understood, but a new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology may have at […]

Texas: Event Taps Into Billion-Dollar Cannabis Industry The Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo Texas has announced its preliminary line-up of high-profile speakers including representatives from Texas A&M Law School, Weed for Warriors, Texas NORML, ArcView Group, Women Grow, and former National Football League […]

Texas Prepares to Sell Medical Marijuana to No One Although the Texas Legislature lacked the guts in 2015 to pass a comprehensive medical marijuana program that would have allowed patients from across the board to have access to an effective treatment option, state lawmakers did manage to put their seal of approval […]

How True Legalization Squanders Actual Legalization An Open Letter to TrueLegalizers™, Where we butt heads is over how we get legalization nationwide. I’m of the opinion that winning the War on Drugs will take many battles where we take whatever ground we can take, defend it, and move on to take more […]

Where cannabis can cost you your life Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are just the worst examplesIn 2015, Saudi Arabia once again carried out executions on inmates convicted of cannabis crimes. The majority of those condemned to death were convicted for drug offences; many are foreigners who had been taken […]

Discount Code! – Save 50% on Passes to Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo 2/27&28/16 Fort Worth Convention Center SWCC Expo will provide an electric environment for industry members, entrepreneurs, local leaders, companies, job seekers and curious individuals to come learn about […]

ResponsibleOhio Steps Aside Indefinitely After Launch of Medical Marijuana Task Force Following last November’s failure to pass a broad legalization measure that would have legalized a marijuana monopoly,ResponsibleOhioco-founderJimmy Gould recently said the organization is dead and that the state legislature is the best route to le...More […]

Marijuana Grow Shops Take Root in Buenos Aires EspañolCultural change is often imperceptible, until the market adjusts to the new social environment. In Buenos Aires, and the surrounding area, the emergence of dozens of “grow shops” over the past two years is evidence of this sort of shift. […]

Five Top Indicators That Cannabis Is “Normalized” Cannabis taxes, weddings, travel and apps are the new normal. We are seeing more indicators that cannabis is becoming “normalized” across the nation. As a by-product of legalization, the social acceptance of marijuana is taking off in increasingly […]

Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Fear Bankruptcy Without More Patients While medical marijuana businesses in states like Illinois have been forced to invest unimaginable amounts of money for a chance to sell pot products to qualified patients, some of the dispensaries that have opened their doors over the past few months claim that […]

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