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In an “exit interview” with Rolling Stone magazine, President Barack Obama said that marijuana use should be treated as a public health issue similar to tobacco or alcohol and called the current patchwork of state and federal laws regarding the drug “untenable.”“Look, I’ve been very clear about my belief that we should try to discourage substance abuse,” Obama said. “And I am not somebody who believes that legalization is a panacea. But I do believe that treating this as a public […]

Dabfest: Building Community One Toke At A Time Hosting her fourth Dabfest in Duncan on Vancouver Island on Nov 26, Annissa Warner is leading the cannabis movement by example. Creating culture by bringing together activists, entrepreneurs, patient’s, artists, and cannabis enthusiasts together for […]

3 Stoners Arrested for Trying to Steal Hops They Thought Were Weed Three Prince Edward Island residents were arrested last weekend after breaking into a hops farm and causing extensive damage. The reason? They apparently thought the 20-foot tall hop bines were huge marijuana plants and were intending to walk away with the […]

Aurora Cannabis (TSXV:ACB, OTCQB:ABCFF) today starts constructing its new production facility, Aurora Sky. According to the press release: “The new hybrid greenhouse facility, with a footprint larger than 16 football fields, is expected, on completion, to be the largest, most advanced and most automated cannabis production facility in the world. Situated on 30 acres of leased land in Leduc County, Alberta, […]

Prosecutors in Portland Change Drug Conviction Policy A guilty plea for drug possession will no longer stand in Oregon’s Multnomah County, which includes Portland, unless the test used by arresting officers has been confirmed in a lab. For years, these pleas—whether actually guilty or made by people […]

Emblem Signs Licensing Deal with Platform Lift Emblem has announced that it has partnered with Lift Cannabis for sale to patients through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). As quoted in the press release: Known as “the meeting place for cannabis,” Lift helps […]

How A Counterterrorism Expert And An Investment Banker Became Hemp Pioneers Source: Forbes.com Above Image Credit: Jessica Barthel When Daniel Dolgin was working on counterterrorism for the Director of National Intelligence, he never would have believed that he’d soon co-own and -operate the farm cultivating New York’s […]

Making the Best of a Bad Cannabis Investment We’re in that time of year when at least some of the licensed cannabis producers in Washington tend struggle. A short-term glut of marijuana on the market makes it harder to stand out and make sales, and businesses that aren’t competitive on price or […]

Arizona-Based Marijuana Company’s New Investment Opportunities As more states legalize marijuana — for medicinal and recreational purposes — the demand for marijuana increases, and with growing demand comes investment opportunities. Arizona-based Sun Valley Certification Clinics (SVMMJCC), a company with medical […]

New Law in New York Allows Nurses to Prescribe Medical Marijuana Newly approved amendments to New York’s medical marijuana program will allow nurse practitioners and doctor assistants to prescribe medical marijuana. This is just one of a couple of amendments that are expanding the state’s medical marijuana program. […]

Do Obama’s Last-Minute Marijuana Comments Signal Big Moves? President Obama says marijuana should be treated like cigarettes and alcohol, is criticizing the DEA for being behind the times on cannabis and believes that the legalization debate is now ripe like the conversation about marriage equality was a few years […]

Washington’s Marijuana Sales Are Breaking Records in 2016 Washington’s marijuana sales are nearing hard alcohol sales as sales spill over $200-million in a single fiscal quarter. The second quarter of 2016 proved to be the most successful for both resident and tourist recreational marijuana sales. Marijuana sales […]

Implementing Massachusetts Legalization Laws May Take Longer Than Expected After the election, Massachusetts became one of the first east coast states to move forward with legalization of marijuana for adult use – but now it appears that there may be a slight delay in implementing the new law. Originally, the law allowing adults […]
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NFL Player Suspended for MMJ An NFL player has been suspended by the league for for using medical marijuana to treat pain associated with inflammatory bowel disease so severe that he required intestinal surgery. He’s been using medical cannabis to treat his condition for years, […]

Marijuana, the Virgin Mary, and the Radical Catholic Who Went to Jail You know the Lady of Guadalupe, even if the name sounds unfamiliar to you. It’s the image of the Virgin Mary, Jesus’s mother in the guise in which she appeared to a peasant in Spanish Mexico in 1531 (or so the Catholic Church claims). As […]

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