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Alaska: Marijuana Regulators Ready To Award First Licenses By Derrick Stanley Hemp News Alaska regulators are set to award the first licenses for legal marijuana businesses in the state. The Marijuana Control Board meets Thursday with and agenda which includes 30 applications up for consideration. Two of the applications are for tasting facilities; the rest are […]

North Carolina: House Committee Approves Industrial Hemp Research Study By Derrick Stanley Hemp News North Carolina lawmakers are aiming to allow researchers to begin planting industrial hemp next spring. The House Agriculture Committee approved a bill Thursday that will allow state land grant universities to grow hemp […]

Arizona: Cannabis Legal Expert Earns Partnership At Top Law Firm The Rose Law Group of Arizona has named marijuana legal expert Laura Bianchi a partner in the firm. According to the firm, "the promotion was based on her demonstrated ability to navigate increasingly complex regulations as well as her pioneering legal efforts […]

Naturally Splendid Returns From Premier’s Trade Mission Naturally Splendid (TSXV:NSP) announced and update on the recent international trade mission lead by Premier Christy Clark. As quoted in the press release: The Company was invited by the B.C. Ministry of International Trade to participate in an
international […]

Ohio Becomes the 25th Medical Cannabis State Yesterday, Ohio became the 25th state to legalize cannabis for medical use. Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 523 into law, without any comment. In doing so, our country has equaled the number of states that allow medical cannabis to the number of states that […]

Best Anti-Anxiety Medical Marijuana Strains MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by William Levy Cannabis and anxiety is a complicated subject as there are many factors to consider when you are choosing from the most appropriate anti-anxiety medical marijuana strains. […]

Senators Vote to Protect Doctors Recommending Medical Marijuana A key Congressional panel just took action to protect doctors who recommend medical marijuana and patients who use it in accordance with state laws. By a vote of 18 – 11 on Thursday, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that […]

Ohio Becomes 25th Medical Marijuana State! Medical marijuana patients in Ohio are cheering today after the state’s Republican Gov. John Kasich signed a bill Wednesday legalizing a limited therapeutic pot program. Ohio’s new medical marijuana law bans home-growing or smokeable forms of the […]

Another Survey Finds Legal Pot Hasn’t Sent Teen Use Higher It’s the third federal data-reporting effort to douse concern that normalized pot sales would increase teen use. By Steven Nelson | Staff Writer June 9, 2016 American teenagers are not using marijuana in greater numbers even as states have legalized […]

Medical Marijuana: One Issue Almost All of Us Agree on This Election Year This year’s presidential race has brought out some of the most contentious, divisive and volatile responses and reactions among American voters. Thankfully, there is one issue almost all of us agree upon—legalizing medical marijuana. More on h […]

Medical Marijuana Legalization: Opportunities and Obstacles Humans have been using marijuana for centuries, and yet, there are always some health concerns, controversies and stigma surrounding its use. Some of the concerns may have some legitimacy, while others are simply unfounded. Legally and illegally, millions of people […]

Obama’s Academy visit primetime for cannabis activists to air demands Even for a city always crawling with military brass, our June 2 visitor was still a cut above. The Commander in Chief was in town to address the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony — an affair that brought in proud families from all over the country […]

Ohio Becomes 25th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana Ohio has officially legalized medical marijuana, making it the 25th state to do so. The bill, signed on June 8th by Ohio Governor John Kasich, authorizes doctors to prescribe marijuana derivatives for certain medical conditions. The law will take effect in […]

New Law Costs Michigan’s Legalization Campaign over 100,000 Signatures Last week, MILegalize turned in 350,000 signatures to accompany their petition for a ballot initiative. With an additional 97,000 signatures on top of the required 253,000 to make the ballot, it seemed like they might actually have a decent shot. Unfortunately […]

Ohio: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Vaporization Measure Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed legislation into law establishing regulations for the licensed production and dispensing of medical cannabis formulations to qualified patients. House Bill 523 authorizes the use of various forms of cannabis preparations […]

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