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Art Exhibition Devoted to Cannabis One of the first American art exhibits entirely devoted to cannabis is headed to Southern California. The exhibit will premiere April 16, at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). “Altered State: Marijuana in California,” will feature art that reflects on the culture and history surrounding cannabis.Altered State […]

Marijuana: Not as Bad For the Teenage Brain as You Think? Source: New Line Cinema Cannabis has numerous benefits, and medical science has only begun to scratch the surface as its use and study becomes more and more widespread and mainstream. It’s used to treat different forms of cancer, for example, and there […]

Physicians’ Right to Recommend Medical Marijuana: Conant v. Walters Conant v. Walters, 309 F.3d 629 (9th Cir 2002), stands for the proposition that physicians have a First Amendment right to discuss and recommend marijuana to their patients.In 1966, California and Arizona passed initiatives decriminalizing cannabis for medical […]

World Cannabis Conference: Spannabis 2016 Cultivates Networking and Knowledge Move over Cannabis Cup and, heads up Seattle Hempfest – Europe’s largest legal cannabis centric festival is about to light up Barcelona, Spain. Running March 11 through the 13th, Spain’s Spannabis (a.k.a. World Cannabis Conference) looks […]

Report: Cannabis Will Overtake Tobacco by 2029 We’re all aware of the epic potential for the coming green era. Competition within the cannabis industry  is fierce. San Francisco-based Ackrell Capital predicts that the cannabis industry will reach $100 billion by 2029, toppling numbers achieved by the […]

“Big Marijuana” TED Talk. On Orcas Island Tomorrow. Tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m. at the Orcas Center on Orcas Island, our own Hilary Bricken will be giving a TEDx Talk on the marijuana industry. This year’s topics are the “Best of Both Worlds” and “The Power/Potential in Polarity.” […]

The World’s First Hemp Plane To Take Flight From Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Hempearth is proud to be producing the world’s first hemp plane. Hempearth Group Ltd. (Hempearth) has a contract in place to build an aircraft made almost entirely out of hemp and aims to fly the hemp plane Sunday March 20th The First Day of Spring […]

Famous Athletes Promoting Marijuana as Workout Tool Several famous athletes are advocating for marijuana use as a workout tool. These athletes do not necessarily consider marijuana as a performance enhancer, but a “life enhancer.” They report more focus and positivity when working out with marijuana.Canadian […]

Pot Advocates Plan to Smoke Weed in Front of the White House While the snarling dogs of the drug war sit comfortably in the nation’s capital not doing a damn thing to bring the country out of a soulless pit of pot prohibition, a group of cannabis advocates are scheming a protest of immense proportions by which they […]

Feel the Bern: Buy Cannabis Tax-Free and Support Bernie Sanders in Portland, Oregon (I did) MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Carl Wellstone When my “Oregon Marijuana” Google Alert notified me yesterday that the Foster Buds dispensary and a local marijuana cultivator, Farmer 12, were joining forces […]

Portland Pot Shops Are Selling Joints to Raise Money for Bernie Sanders A cannabis company in Portland, Oregon is the latest marijuana business to raise money for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been the most outspoken in terms of marijuana reform, drawing support from all corners of the industry. More on h […]

Legal marijuana is finally doing what the drug war couldn’t By Christopher Ingraham March 3 at 12:22 PM Legal marijuana may be doing at least one thing that a decades-long drug war couldn’t: taking a bite out of Mexican drug cartels’ profits. The latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol shows that […]

Texas Mom Fights For Access To Medical Marijuana To Treat Autism UPDATED: 2/27/16 10:16 p.m.February 27, 2016 2:49 PM By Gabriel RoxasFORT WORTH (CBS 11) — A Texas mom is fighting to give parents of autistic children the right to utilize medical marijuana as a treatment for their kids. It’s just one of the issues […]

Medical marijuana bill passes Florida House Medical marijuana bill passes Florida House Matt Gaetz’s bill (HB 307) approved on a 99-16 vote Thursday expands the Right to Try act allowing near death patients to use non-smokable marijuana of all strengths and doses. It also adds regulations for dispensing […]

Washington, DC: Senate Could Vote To Allow Marijuana Banking This Week By Derrick Stanley Hemp News The US Senate may soon vote to allow banks to provide financial services to marijuana providers. Most banks and credit unions are hesitant to do have any dealings with cannabis businesses. Federal money laundering and […]

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