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North Pole: Santa Claus Puts Medical Marijuana On “Nice” List Christmas is rapidly approaching, and there’s one thing Santa Claus wants you to know; He supports medical marijuana in the tiny community of North Pole, Alaska. As recreational consumers queued up to purchase their first official sack of state-sanctioned pot in Valdez, a kindly old bearded gentleman in […]

Colorado’s New Budget Will Put Cannabis Tax Revenue to Use Helping the Homeless Since the legal cannabis industry was implemented in Colorado in 2014, the state has been able to do a lot of things they never would have thought imaginable thanks to marijuana-based tax revenue. However, even with the amount of revenue the new legal industry […]

Latest Polling Information for the 2016 Marijuana Related Ballot Proposals In less than five days, nine states will be voting on marijuana related ballot proposals potentially doubling the number of states that allow the recreational use of marijuana and expanding the therapeutic benefits of marijuana use to millions of Americans. Here’s […]
04/11/2016 - 16:01:00

Tributes to Gayle Quin (1957-2016) Join Gayle’s Friends at Her Memorial and Celebration on Nov. 5th, Read more HERE Gayle’s laughter thundered with brilliant rays of light that warmed my heart and soul. I first met her at UVic Hempology in 2004. I reluctantly showed her a […]

Cameo Resources Looks to Acquire Multiple Marijuana Acquisitions Cameo Resources Inc. (TSXV:CRU)(OTC PINK:SIDNF) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the board of directors and the management team have been exploring multiple acquisition opportunities in the medical marijuana and CBD oil industry. The company […]

Election 2016: Can North Dakota Get Medical Marijuana Over the Finish Line? A last-minute infusion of campaign cash from the Drug Policy Alliance is hoping to get a volunteer-led medical marijuana initiative in North Dakota over the finish line . Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of DPA, said the fact that the measure made the ballot […]

Jimmy Buffett Wants Floridians to Vote Yes on Amendment 2 Singer-songwriter and businessman Jimmy Buffett wants Floridians to vote yes on a medical cannabis initiative and vote no on legislation regarding a solar-power plan. Buffett made a video while filling out his Florida absentee ballot in California. In his […]

Meet the Marijuana Lifers California’s Prop 64 Could Set Free California’s Proposition 64—The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)—is a 62-page manifesto of government over-regulation. But ultimately, as the founder and director of the Marijuana Lifer Project, a non-profit organization that advocates for federal […]

Rating the Governors on Cannabis: The A+ Governor Will Surprise You Despite all that has been going on with the Clinton-Trump-Johnson-Stein race, voters interested in how cannabis will be treated in their states need to look at down ballot races as well. November’s state-level elections carry particular importance […]

Mormon Presidential Candidate: Let States Legalize Heroin States should be able to legalize not only marijuana, but heroin as well. That’s the position of a Mormon presidential candidate you may not have heard of but who could upend the entire presidential race by winning just one state. “I believe […]
04/11/2016 - 13:34:00

Votes for Marijuana Legalization Original article from himarijuana.com:Votes for Marijuana Legalization […]

Oregon Marijuana Labs Say Marijuana Is Testing Safer than Food Products In Oregon, marijuana is put through more testing than some food products, and the test results are revealing that the marijuana samples tested often contain less contaminants than found in food. Oregon’s marijuana testing labs were recently licensed, […]

Denver Ballot Measure Would Allow Marijuana Use in Bars and Restaurants With ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana in the touristy destinations of California and Nevada, Denver’s marijuana industry supporters hope to limit a potential loss of marijuana tourists visiting their city by passing initiative 300, which […]

Marijuana Music: The 10 Best Current Albums to Get High By When you’re too stoned, Spotify’s ever-expanding catalog can be as miraculous as it can be dangerous. Sure, you have access to pretty much every song ever made, but you also have access to PRETTY MUCH EVERY SONG EVER MADE. So let us do the […]

American Values Survey: 63% of U.S. Adults Support Legalizing Cannabis 63% of Americans aged 18 and older are in support of legalizing cannabis for all uses. This is according to latest American Values Survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute. According to the poll, just 36% of those in the United States […]

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