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Everyone 21 and over in Canada will be able to legally purchase marijuana at commercial storefronts beginning in October. And for most of the preceding summer, media outlets have been marking the occasion by freaking out over stoned driving.The legalization-leery point to recent findings that more Canadians involved in fatal accidents tested positive for drugs than they did for alcohol. Results from a recent survey won’t help quell any of the umbrage, as it appears Canadians do indeed like t […]

08-17-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses a possible new way to get extracts from cannabis, another lawsuit in Utah aimed at stopping medical marijuana and the Marijuana Policy Project hiring a new Executive Director.08-17-2018 – Ep. 205 | Marijuana Timeshttps://www.marijuana […]

Some Questions About Indoor Growing Answered! As Canada edges closer and closer to legalization day, Canadian citizens have some questions about growing cannabis, specifically indoor growing. Is it a good idea? Will indoor growing mess with your insurance rates? Will it negatively affect your property values? […]

Canopy Growth’s Stocks Soar as Beer Giant Invests $4 Billion Shares of the Ontario-based cannabis producer Canopy Growth Corp. jumped nearly 30 percent on Aug. 15, after beer giant Constellation Brands announced it will invest another $4 billion in the Canadian company. […]

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer | Review And Tutorial If you’re looking for a new desktop vaporizer, you have probably come across the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. Since it was first released back in 2000, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer has been a firm favorite among vape enthusiasts. Its popularity has always been […]

Researchers Use Espresso Machine as Cannabis Extraction Device A team of researchers in Spain recently conducted an interesting study that could potentially have a big impact on the cannabis industry in the future. The team discovered that a hard-cap espresso machine has the ability to produce cannabis extracts. The study […]

Utah Anti-Cannabis Groups File a Lawsuit against MMJ Initiative on Religious Grounds August 17, 2018,The medical cannabis initiative in Utah is facing yet another threat from anti-cannabis activists. This time around they are trying to exploit religious sentiments to sabotage the legal access of medical cannabis to patients. An alliance of anti-marijuana […]

California’s Legal Cannabis Fails to Generate the Projected Amount of Taxes August 17, 2018, CaliforniaTax report for the second quarter on California’s legal cannabis market is out and it shows that the revenues have fallen well short of the estimates. The state’s Department of Tax and Fee Administration has issued the revenue figures […]

It was just three years ago that medical marijuana operations in Illinois feared they would be forced into bankruptcy if patient numbers did not increase beyond the measly few thousand the state allowed them to serve at that time. Now, all across the Land of Lincoln, medical marijuana operations are in an expansion phase, buying up more land, building additional facilities, hiring more people, all in preparation for the […]

Ireland Proposes A 21st Century Approach to Regulating Cannabis The framework is a comprehensive legal and economic proposal that aims to eliminate the black market; protect children; benefit public health and scientific research while creating up to 15,000 jobs and a viable marketplace that could see Ireland become a major […]

Facebook Started Blocking Searches for Marijuana-Related Pages Facebook recently implemented a block on marijuana-related page searches. For most people, typing “marijuana” or “cannabis” into the search bar shows users a message saying, “We couldn’t find anything for marijuana.” Even if users search a legal marijuana […]

Everything You Need to Know About Weed Resin Everything You Need to Know About Weed Resin:Smoking resin happens. Do not shy off; nobody wants to judge you for that. For your information, many stoners have had to smoke weed resin at some point. Why? Dude tough times – you are short of weed and no money […]

In June, Oregon Garnered $8.5 Million in Taxes from Legal Marijuana Sales According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, the state made over $8.5 million in taxes from legal marijuana sales in June.The $8,560,616 million in taxes came from the sale of roughly $45 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products (such as edibles and […]

08-16-2018 – Cannabis News with Joe Klare Joe Klare discusses kids and medical marijuana in California, the taxpayer tab for fighting medical marijuana in Florida and a massive cannabusiness investment by a big alcohol company.08-16-2018 – Ep. 204 | Marijuana Timeshttps://www.marijuanatimes.org/ […]

Study: CBD Increases Comfort in Dogs with Osteoarthritis The most recent issue of the journal Frontiers presents findings of the first pharmacokinetic study and clinical trial on the use of cannabinoids to treat dogs with osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain.The objective of this double-blind, placebo-controlled study […]

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