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Ohio Says Error Inadvertently Excluded Marijuana Grower COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Human error led to a company’s inadvertent exclusion from the proposed list of the dozen big growers in Ohio’s new medical marijuana program, the state Department of Commerce said Thursday. The agency uncovered the mistake this week and notified PharmaCann Ohio Inc., a medical marijuana firm, […]

Berkeley Declares Itself a Cannabis Sanctuary City Berkeley, California appears to be the first city in the nation to officially prohibit city employees from cooperating with federal action against the city’s legal cannabis industry. On Tuesday, the city council in Berkeley, California voted to officially become […]

Canada Experiencing Delays in Recreational Marijuana Rollout OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Canadians will have to wait until at least early August or later to legally purchase recreational marijuana. As recently as last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was insisting it was on track for legalization in July. […]
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Melon Gum Melon Gum has an unassuming name in that it is harmless and suggestive of a kiddie treat. In a way, it is true because of its sweet and fruity taste except for one thing. It is not chewable, but something one can smoke. Unlike confectionaries, it does not only […]

Recreational Marijuana in Canada Will Be Delayed Instead of the proposed start in the summer, it was just announced that recreational marijuana in Canada will be delayed. There’s bad news for those hoping to blaze up north this summer. Today, the Canadian federal government announced that recreational marijuana […]

Volunteers Ingest Cannabis to Help California Police Identify Stoned Drivers Legal cannabis comes with some things that most people might not think of. One of those things is how legalization potentially impacts the safety of our roadways. Up until very recently, smoking cannabis around cops would be a terrible idea. But that is precisely […]

Phivida featured in Baystreet article on Market Catalysts Driving its IPO Launch Phivida Holdings Inc (CSE:VIDA) gets featured on baystreet in an article about its launch on the Canadian Securities Exchange on the heels of three major market catalysts. The article describes Phivida CBD products as providing all of the benefits, with none of […]

This City Is Cracking Down on Synthetic Marijuana One Indiana city is cracking down on synthetic marijuana for the sake of public health. As federal marijuana prohibition continues, so does the practice of searching for its legal, or at the very least, easily obtainable substitute. To combat this, one city is […]

Guam: One Step Closer to Regulated Medical Marijuana Program Years after the U.S. territory legalized medicinal cannabis, Guam’s Gov. Eddie Calvo signed legislation on Tuesday approving some long-overdue rules and regulations for the island’s medical marijuana program. Legalized in 2014 by Guam’s citizens, the program […]

Legal Marijuana Sales Delayed in Canada Despite Canada’s longstanding plan to begin legal marijuana sales in July, a Canadian official has conceded that they won’t actually begin until August, maybe a little later. As recently as last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was insistent […]

How to start a commercial grow operation in Iowa Iowa legalized its medical marijuana program in 2014 and extended it in 2017. Low THC marijuana extracts are permitted for in-state use, although there are currently no marijuana growing operations in the state. The State Board of Pharmacy monitors the medical […]

Philadelphia District Attorney Sues Big Pharma For Opioid Crisis The City of Brotherly Love is taking a stance on drug policy reform. The Philadelphia district attorney sues Big Pharma for opioid crisis. Larry Krasner has been in office as Philadelphia District Attorney for a little over a month. He has initiated some important […]

Cannabis Wheaton Income (TSXV:CBW) announced a joint venture with Peter Quiring, a greenhouse builder, an operator to develop, construct and operate a greenhouse facility for cannabis cultivation in Ontario. […]

Liberty Health Sciences (CSE:LHS; OTCQX:LHSIF) closed the acquisition of a 387-acre parcel of land in Gainesville, Florida, for their newly announced greenhouses and processing facilities. […]

Is New Jersey Favoring Decriminalizing Marijuana Over Legalization? Several state lawmakers are suggesting a compromise. Is New Jersey favoring decriminalizing marijuana over legalization? As New Jersey continues to push for the legal cannabis, detractors of the plant continue to look for ways to stop the state from achieving its […]

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