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Bubba Tom Hayes Information about Bubba Tom Hayes:Bubba Tom Hayes is a balanced hybrid that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It was cultivated by an American breeder from the coast of California and was named as a homage to Tom Hayes who was a famous marketing executive in Silicon Valley.This hybrid bud is a strain that was […]

NM: Local Dispensary, Manufacturers Show Support For Medical Cannabis Research At UNM Ultra Health, a local medical cannabis dispensary along with various cannabis manufacturers, presented a donation in support of The University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund (MCRF) that will enable additional Veterans to enroll in a study involving […]

Oklahoma Group Supports Medical Marijuana, Opposes Bill To Legalize It In just over a month, Oklahomans will head to the polls to vote on state question 788, which if passed would support a legalize medical marijuana in the state.Vote No OK SQ788 is a non-profit organization against State Question 788. They support the legalization […]

HI: First Dispensary On Kauai To Begin Retail Sales Of Medical Cannabis The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) announces they have issued a formal notice to proceed to Green Aloha, Ltd. dba Have a Heart after the Kaua‘i dispensary completed laboratory testing requirements and passed the final onsite inspection of its retail […]

Major New York Newspaper Endorses Marijuana Legalization Photo Credit: Robert F. BukatyMarijuana legalization has become a hot topic in the state of New York, and it may get even hotter now that one major newspaper’s endorsed the issue.The New York Daily News published an editorial yesterday in which the paper’s […]

NY: End The War On Pot – We Welcome The Push To Legalize And Regulate Marijuana After many decades of treating as a crime the personal possession and use of a drug that is a negligible threat to public safety, New York is awakening to the folly of — and racial disparities widened by — its approach. We are part of this awakening, which […]
19/05/2018 - 19:07:00

Armagnac Information about Armagnac:This hybrid plant with an exotic French name is famous for its sweet and earthy flavors mixed with spicy grapes. Armagnac creates a lovely relaxed body high that will make you feel chilled out, mixed with a giggly and happy vibe, encouraging […]

Canada: Faster Test For Cannabis Quality With the coming legalization of cannabis in Canada, producers are increasingly looking for quick and accurate means of determining the potency and quality of their products.Researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus have developed a new method of measuring phytocannabinoids […]

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program Moves Forward After Court Decisions A pair of Franklin County judges ruled this week against stopping Ohio’s medical marijuana program, siding with state regulators and patients who said any further delay in the program would prevent sick people from getting their medicine. Unsuccessful applicants […]
19/05/2018 - 18:31:00

ND: Medical Marijuana Lab Selected North Dakota has now selected a vendor to perform laboratory services for conducting compliance testing of marijuana and usable marijuana for the Medical Marijuana Program. Keystone State Testing of Pennsylvania will operate in Fargo under the name Dakota State […]

MA: Marijuana Working Group In Bourne Seeks To Expand Knowledge To better educate itself on issues regarding recreational and medical marijuana companies that may set up shop in Bourne, the town’s cannabis working group has chosen to venture outside the town borders and visit pot operations in neighboring communities. At […]

Canada: Marijuana In The Wine Industry Southern Glazer’s Canadian unit, Great North Distributors, signed with medical marijuana producer Aphria to distribute its adult-use cannabis products throughout Canada, following the legalization of recreational use, which is expected later this year. “With […]

CA: This ‘Farmer’s Market’ Wasn’t Your Normal Kale Stand. Now The City Wants To Shut It Down Just a few blocks from where you can buy cage-free eggs and organic kale every Saturday morning at the Midtown Farmer’s Market, another market – allegedly illicit – has been operating for several weeks in Sacramento. Instead of fruits and veggies, the operators […]

Opponents Sue To Block Medical Marijuana From Going On The November Ballot In Utah Opponents of the medical marijuana ballot initiative have filed a lawsuit to block it from going on the November ballot. Drug Safe Utah, also listed in the lawsuit as Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Utah, sued Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, making a long list […]

PA: Research Initiative Wants 100,000 MMJ Patients For Project To get around the guardrails surrounding marijuana research, Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University wants to create a network of 100,000 medical marijuana patients in order to collect definitive information about the plant. Founded “to advance scientific […]

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