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How to Track a Cannabis Stock After an investor has decided on a company they wish to invest in, it’s only natural for them to keep an eye on the company and make sure they are delivering on the promise of their business. Bearing that in mind, if you read the Investing News Network’s (INN) guide on ‘How to Invest in a Cannabis Stock,’ then you […]

Girl Scouts Now Allowed to Deal Cookies Outside Dispensaries ​Frequenters of social media have been seeing memes for years about mythical girl scouts with business acumen far ahead of their time setting up shop outside cannabis dispensaries to maximize revenue. But how come more sales-driven Brownies didn’t bring their […]

VA to Finally Consider Medical Marijuana for Veterans Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects at least 20 percent of United States veterans who were in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – and for many of them, treatments like prescription medications and therapy simply aren’t effective. In many states, PTSD […]
20/02/2018 - 21:44:00

Wally OG Wally OG is an infamous but that is known for it’s cameo at the 2013 THC classic in Colorado, where it is known for though whopping 24.5point five% average THC levels that were measured in its genetics. This strain creates a relaxing and chilled out state, although […]

MYM Announces Closing of $10,000,000 Non-Brokered Financing and Additional Financing of up to $2,000,000 MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:MYM) is pleased to announce it has closed its non-brokered private placement of 5,000,000 units at a price of $2.00 per unit for gross proceeds of $10,000,000. Due to the change in market conditions, the Company received approval from […]
20/02/2018 - 20:11:00

Special K At various points in life, there is always something remarkable. One moment after another, some treasures are for people to cherish forever. On that note, that may as well be what the Special K strain is all about. A few tokes and it takes users on a memorable […]

Marijuana Legalization? The UK Parliament Debates This Week Is it possible that the UK will have marijuana legalization? The UK Parliament debates this week on that topic. Could the United Kingdom see marijuana legalization? The UK Parliament debates this week. Marijuana legalization and regulation has become part of the […]

Canada Has Postponed Marijuana Legalization Launch Date Canadian recreational marijuana users will have to wait for at least an extra month before making legal recreational marijuana purchases. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration was assuring legalization was on track for July implementation, but […]

Two Companies Hold Cultivation Licenses in Lesotho ​The first two marijuana production companies on the African continent have been given administrative approval by Lesotho’s Ministry of Health. The government of the South African enclave decided to legalize the cultivation of medical cannabis with the hope […]

A Vacant Elementary School Could Soon Be A Marijuana Grow Operation A vacant elementary school could soon be a marijuana grow operation. It seems a Michigan school district is reconsidering selling one of its school buildings to a marijuana firm. The buyer hopes to turn the facility into a medical marijuana cultivation site. […]

Nuuvera (TSXV:NUU) announced it entered a letter of intent to acquire the 49 percent minority interest in Avanti Rx Analytics. […]

CannaRoyalty (CSE:CRZ; OTCQX:CNNRF) announced its division CR Brands won six awards at the 2017 Hempcon Cup Awards for their line of cannabis products. […]

How Cannabis Legalization Will Impact California Visual Capitalist released an infographic on the possible effects of cannabis legalization on California’s economy, sponsored by FinCanna Capital Corp (CSE:CALI). […]

An Insider’s View: How Labs Conduct Cannabis Mold Testing As both recreational and medical cannabis legalization continues to progress across the country, each state is tasked with developing regulatory requirements to ensure that customers and patients receive clean cannabis for consumption. This requires cannabis to […]

California Bill Could Blunt Workplace Discrimination for Marijuana Patients California’s passage of Proposition 64 legalized the recreational consumption of marijuana in Nov. 2016. But in the Golden State, you can still lose your job for medicating while off-duty – despite your physician’s recommendation.A new piece of […]

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