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LSD-Inspired Self-Portrait Wins 2018 Champs Glass Games Masters Final One of the biggest events on the glass calendar took place this week in Las Vegas, over three days of constant creation. This week, some of the world’s best lampworking pipesmiths competed at 2018 Champs Glass Games Masters Final to take home the trophy and a $10,000 prize. […]

There Were Over 400 Fatal Overdoses in Maine in 2017 In the midst of our country’s opioid epidemic, there were over 400 fatal overdoses in Maine in 2017. Though cocaine and amphetamine usage also increased last year, 85% of these deaths involved opioids. This marks an 11% increase from 2016, which was a 38% increase […]

Big (And Small) Business in Cannabis Cultivation From large, corporate grows to mom-and-pop family farms, the marijuana green rush is providing more opportunities than ever. But officials in California are beginning to experience the growing pains that occur as a state establishes a functional regulatory environment. […]

This UK Cafe Is Selling Cannabis-Infused Treats The United Kingdom prohibits marijuana. But a UK cafe Is selling cannabis-infused treats. Edible culture is blowing up, and the UK is no exception. This UK cafe is selling cannabis-infused treats in Liverpool, England. White Wolf Yoga and Kitchen, which opened […]

Congress Can’t Vote on Cannabis Anymore Because of This Man Congress can’t vote on cannabis anymore because of a man named Pete Sessions. Have you ever wondered why the government seems to be moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to marijuana legislation? You may not have heard of Pete Sessions, but he’s one of the […]
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The Real McCoy The Real McCoy is a relaxing yet uplifting strain with strong medicinal capabilities that have helped restore the quality lot of life of many patients. This plant is best enjoyed with your favorite kind of company, where you will spend most of your time engaging […]

Georgia Rep. Peake, Medical Marijuana Advocate, Will Not Run For Re-election ATLANTA (AP) — One of the Georgia legislature’s chief advocates for medical marijuana says he will not run for re-election this year.Republican Rep. Allen Peake of Macon said in a news release Thursday that this is his 12th and final year as a state […]

Canada’s Legal Cannabis Sales Will Be Delayed Past July Legal sales of cannabis have been a long time coming for Canadians as Prime Minister Trudeau announced the introduction of legislation to do so back in April 2017. This was a year after the then newly elected Prime Minister announced his plans to legalize the plant. […]
22/02/2018 - 20:23:00

Grape OX It seems like new hybrids are popping up every day. As it is, estimating the number of strains is impossible. As breeders develop new ones, a trend began over the past decades where the focus was not only on varieties that flowers quickly and produces high yield, […]

This State Could Be Next To Vote On Recreational Marijuana Could Maryland be the next domino to fall? This state could be next to vote on recreational marijuana. Despite the federal government’s best efforts to deter states from cannabis legalization, another state could very well be on its way to legalizing the plant, […]

How to start a commercial grow operation in Maryland Maryland is in the process of licensing its first round of 102 cannabis business applicants, making it impossible to start a growing operation in Maryland at this time; however, that doesn’t mean the state won’t need more grower’s in the future. Read more […]

Arizona: New Poll Shows Elevated Support for Legalization In 2018 A new poll asked whether or not Arizona’s voters “would support or oppose a proposal that Arizona regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol?” An overwhelming majority have responded positively to the idea, as volunteers work to gather the required signatures […]

CannTrust Holdings (CSE:TRST) announced it received conditional approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) to list its common shares on the exchange. The company also announced the appointment of a new director, Shawna Page. […]

UK Parliament May Allow This Six-Year-Old To Have Medical Marijuana As part of an ongoing debate, the UK Parliament may allow this six-year-old to have medical marijuana. After a flurry of media coverage, the UK Parliament may allow this six-year-old to have medical marijuana. The child in question is severely epileptic. His struggle […]

Liberty Leaf Holdings (CSE:LIB; OTCQB:LIBFF) and Blox Labs (CSE:BLOX) shared an updated to shareholders on the development of their phase 1 stage Blockchain-based smart contract supply chain management platform project. […]

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