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First Atlanta, Now Savannah, Alderman Calls for Reduced Marijuana Penalties in Georgia On Monday, Alderman Van Johnson proclaimed his intention to embrace marijuana reform in the City of Savannah, Georgia. Announced via his social media account, Johnson’s proposed ordinance would dramatically reduce any monetary penalties and remove the threat of incarceration for individuals caught with small […]

Marijuana Businesses in Uruguay to Reach New Heights with More Potent Strains According to local media, two new versions of marijuana called Alpha II and Beta II, will come on the market in the next few days. Due to the different conditions that they were harvested in, the new products will have different degrees of THC and CBD. (Flickr […]

Greece Is On The Verge Of Adult-Use Decriminalization Of Cannabis October 17,2017 Greece If you reside in Greece, there is some good news for you! A Greek official— YiannisTsironis—recently went live and called for the recreational marijuana to be legalized in Greece. YiannisTsironis is the Deputy Minister, […]

Avoiding Cannabis Business Partnership Disputes, Part 1 The cannabis litigation lawyers at my firm have litigated many partnership lawsuits involving cannabis businesses where better planning could have avoided the dispute. Business owners will always disagree with one another, but good partnership agreements, LLC operating […]

Legal Marijuana States – A 2017 Overview For many marijuana enthusiasts, the past decade has brought about a lot of big changes. We’ve seen a large flux of public support for legalization, including several completely legal marijuana states (although within certain quantities). Why are states just […]

Invictus MD Updates Shareholders on Cannabis Legalization Process Invictus MD Strategies (“Invictus MD” or the “Company”) (TSXV: IMH; OTC: IVITF; FRA: 8IS1) Today, Invictus MD updated shareholders that it is taking steps to monitor the government policy development process in advance of the legalization […]

Growing for Greenhorns: 6 Best Strains for New Growers So you’ve decided that you want to grow cannabis, but you are unsure of where to start. What if you pick the wrong strain and end up failing? You don’t want to waste all that effort. If you’re a greenhorn, aka new to growing, these strains […]

Georgia: Atlanta Decriminalizes Marijuana By Michael Bachara Hemp News Last week, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced that he signed the historic city council ordinance decriminalizing marijuana. “I am pleased to sign this ordinance, which eliminates jail time as a penalty for a conviction […]

Washington Supreme Court Rules Random Drug Tests Are Unconstitutional Washington’s Supreme Court has ruled that random urinalysis tests are unconstitutional. The ruling, which sets immediate precedent, came after three individuals were charged in Spokane County with DUI in 2015. As a condition of their charges, Cortney […]

New Show The Blunt Heads Pairs Comedy and Cannabis The adult cartoon industry has always been a unique side of animation, and it is also one that has garnered a strong following. Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Big Mouth and Rick and Morty are just a few examples about how entertaining animation can be. Now a new cartoon […]

Kentucky State Senator Thinks Legal Marijuana Could Solve Pension Crisis The state of Kentucky is facing a major budget shortfall when it comes to their pension systems; estimates place the amount of unfunded liabilities at somewhere between $37 billion and $64 billion. “I think desperation might help [pass legalization] […]

The Walking Dead’s Cooper Andrews Appears on Cannabis Planet The premier episode of Cannabis Planet aired Saturday, and it featured actor Cooper Andrews from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrews plays “Jerry” on the top-rated award-winning series. The first episode also included bits from former NBA […]

Puerto Rico’s MMJ Industry Struggles to Recover from Hurricane GETTY IMAGES Although still in its infancy, Puerto Rico’s MMJ industry struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria. Maria vs Mary Jane On September 20, Hurricane Maria ripped through the island of Puerto Rico. The storm tore down homes, ruined […]

7 Arrested in San Diego Medical Marijuana Delivery Sting GETTY IMAGES The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department reportedly arrested seven medical marijuana delivery providers last week, after a sting, in which officers placed orders and lured the drivers to a golf course in Santee, California. How The […]

Modern Slavery Report Shows Increase in Slaves Used to Farm Cannabis The Salvation Army released a new report, Supporting Adult Victims of Modern Slavery, which indicates a 300 percent increase in the number of slavery victim referrals in the U.K. since 2011 and a nearly 200 percent increase in cases that involved cannabis farming […]

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