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What Is THC: Inside the Most Controversial Cannabinoid THC concentration used to be the primary benchmark of cannabis quality, but a new understanding of cannabinoid chemistry and human biology have expanded the spotlight to the rest of the “entourage.” That doesn’t mean THC isn’t still important. At a time when cannabis cultivators and consumers are so heavily focused […]

Four People Arrested For Growing Cannabis In A National Forest A California court has sentenced four people for growing cannabis in a national forest. They had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture, possess and distribute marijuana for sale. Prosecutors filed those charges for their roles in an illegal cannabis cultivation […]

Medical Marijuana Advocates Fuming Over Georgia PTSD Bill ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia medical marijuana advocates are outraged over the apparent stalling of a proposal that would expand the state’s medical cannabis oil program to include those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic pain. […]

Invictus Changes Canadian Ticker to GENE INVICTUS MD STRATEGIES CORP. (“Invictus” or the “Company”) (TSXV:IMH; OTC:IVITF; FRA:8IS1) is pleased to announce that the Company is changing its ticker on the TSX Venture Exchange from IMH to GENE effective on March 20, 2018. “The change in our share […]

Isodiol International Inc. Signs Partnership Agreement With Kawacatoose First Nation Isodiol International Inc. (CSE:ISOL) (OTC:ISOLF) (FSE:LB6A.F) (the “Company” or “Isodiol”), a global Bioactive CBD innovator specializing in the development of pharmaceutical and wellness products, announces it has signed a partnership agreement with Kawacatoose […]

Indiana Tries to Create Working CBD Program CBD can be sourced from cannabis flowers or hemp seeds. Indiana is working on understanding the difference. Indiana is well on its way to legalizing CBD products that are already legal. Earlier this week, the State Legislature approved a piece of legislation aimed […]

Canada: Treat Marijuana Like Any Other Farm Crop, Group Tells City It’s a philosophical question that’s circulated through Hamilton city hall for months: when it comes to city rules, should growing marijuana be considered the same as growing cucumbers? Now, a group of local farmers says yes. The city’s agriculture and rural […]

Are People Really Smoking Weed Spiked With Bug Spray? It’s fairly common for people selling and using black market street drugs to lace them with a variety of other substances. This often creates dangerous scenarios, as it’s hard to predict exactly how people will react to different additives. Recently, reports […]

Arkansas Judge Considers Effort to Halt Marijuana Licenses LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas judge said Friday he’ll rule by the middle of next week on whether to allow the state to issue its first licenses for companies to grow medical marijuana after hearing complaints from an unsuccessful applicant challenging […]

How CBD Oil Convinced My Adopted Dog That Everything Is Actually OK Training an adopted dog with entrenched behaviors is never easy. They are anxious about new spaces, new humans, and new routines, and they bring months or years of instincts and unknown history to their new homes. While there is no substitute for quality bonding […]
19/03/2018 - 19:58:00

Canntab featured on ABN Newswire Canntab Therapeutics recently got featured on ABN Newswire on an article about Queensland Bauxite Ltd half yearly report. VitaCann which is a subsidiary of Medical Cannabis, which is owned by Queensland Bauxite (ASX:QBL), “entered into an exclusive 50/50 Joint […]

This Canadian Cannabis Company Just Joined Forces With Big Pharma The deal was announced today by Tilray Inc: the cannabis company just joined forces with Big Pharma. Tilray is a licensed manufacturer of medical marijuana products. The Toronto-based firm has production operations in British Columbia. The company just signed an […]

Small Marijuana Growers Squeezed Out By Legalization And Regulation It’s often been noted that regulations can impose larger relative costs on small businesses and can serve to protect incumbent firms from new competitors. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein noted that new regulations created a “moat” around his firm: That […]
19/03/2018 - 18:52:00

MPP’s Illinois Primary Voter Guide Primary Election Day happens tomorrow in Illinois, and voters’ choices will have a huge impact on the future of cannabis policy in the state. Lawmakers are now considering legislation to end marijuana prohibition and legalize cannabis for adults 21 and over. […]
19/03/2018 - 18:17:00

Portugal is Winning the War on Drugs If you have followed cannabis news – or even just general news about drug policy around the world – in the last 15 years, then you have likely heard the story of drug law reform in Portugal. In 2001, the country decriminalized small amounts of all drugs and […]

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