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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Initiative Being Voted On Next Week Next week, on June 26, an initiative to legalize medical marijuana will be up for a vote in Oklahoma.State Question 788, to legalize medical cannabis, will be voted on June 26 in Oklahoma. Put forth by the nonprofit Oklahomans for Health, the initiative would allow those with a doctor recommendation to legally possess […]

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Proposal Borrows From Other States’ Existing Policies, But Opponents Cite That As Cause For Concern Proponents of legalized medical marijuana in Oklahoma had 30 other states’ policies to look to in drafting a ballot measure, but opponents of State Question 788 say those trailblazing states set a bad example. […]

Texas Republican Party Calls for Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession www.TexasGOP.orgWith support from 82% of delegates, the Republican Party of Texas calls for state and federal level marijuana law reformLast week in San Antonio, nearly 8,000 Texas Republicans gathered from across the state to attend to party business, including […]

Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Coming To Florida Medical marijuana patients will have a new option to get their pot. Curaleaf, which has pot retail outlets in Miami-Dade and Lake Worth, will be adding a new store with a drive-thru option in Palm Harbor just northwest of Tampa. The company says it’s the first […]

Voters Hold the Key in Marijuana Convictions if Legal Pot is Approved! Thousands of people, who have been incarcerated due to unlawful marijuana could be in line for a second chance, and it is all down to voters! The Nov. 6 election is important for a lot of reasons, and voters in Michigan could legalize the recreational use of marijuana, […]

Q&A: Retired NBA Star Al Harrington Takes the Court in Marijuana Industry As kids growing up, we’d think professional athletes seem to be the closest earthly thing to superheros we would witness. With their larger-than-life stature and ability to perform seemingly impossible feats of athleticism, athletes having weaknesses is hard […]

Alberta Hemp Industry Set for Big Boost with New Cannabis Laws Canada’s impending legalization of recreational marijuana is being cheered on by pot smokers in the country, and its great news for the growing hemp industry, which is going to get a massive boost. Most producers are already gearing up for the new cannabis […]

Marijuana and Watching TV with Your Kids Any parent who has spent a considerable amount of time watching the TV programs liked by their children has likely come to the same conclusion: what kids watch is pretty much garbage. […]

High Score: How to Find Weed When You Hit a New City Thanks to your summer travel itinerary, general wanderlust or baffling dedication to Iceland’s World Cup team, you’ll soon be landing in a new city. You’re excited to explore its cultural institutions, meet its vibrant populace and absorb the local culture. […]

Cannabis and driving in the Netherlands – Part 2: Cannabis vs alcohol Since 1 July 2017, police have been testing drivers not only for alcohol but also for other substances such as amphetamine, cocaine and cannabis. Anyone who is over a given limit will face criminal charges. Although this seems sensible on first sight, if you look […]
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Video: Kids Meet a Marijuana Farmer - Original article from himarijuana.com: Video: Kids Meet a Marijuana Farmer […]

Sensible Sensimilla: Work Smarter, Not Harder, With These Weed Hacks From knicks and knacks, to tricks and hacks, cannabis consumers are notorious for Macgyvering everyday items to optimize their smoking experience. We have taken common household items and morphed them into practical weed hacks to share with our sensible smokers. […]

Study: Family TV Time Often Involves Marijuana As the lazy old saw goes, in every stereotype, there is a nugget of truth. Whether or not this is universally true — and it almost certainly is not — there is at least one stoner stereotypes we are not embarrassed to embrace, because it is true: Some television […]

Dr. Richard Kaufman, chief scientific officer for NanoSphere Health Sciences (CSE:NSHS), has developed patented nanoparticle delivery systems that have set him apart as a leader in the medical technology world.Nanotechnology has the potential to disrupt the medical cannabis industry by providing a solution to poor bioavailability of cannabinoids in the bloodstream via traditional pathways. The technology also has significant […]
17/06/2018 - 20:44:00

Mad Scientist Information about Mad Scientist:No, the Mad Scientist is not some insane supervillain out to destroy humanity and earth. Far from it, this is a powerhouse that is all about a thrilling ride, inner peace, and then off to dreamland.Mad Scientist (also called Mad.S) […]

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