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Maricann Acquires Drug Delivery and Extraction Company Maricann Group (CSE:MARI) has further solidified its stance into the biotech business of cannabis by completing (August 22) the acquisition of NanoLeaf Technologies, a company which has worked on a cannabinoid standardized dose soft gel capsule in Vesisorb a nano-dispersed drug. “The acquisition… will […]

Why Are California Cops Raiding Legal Marijuana Grows? Marijuana legalization can be best described as a partnership. For cannabis to become a commodity that is bought and sold like alcohol, tobacco or tomatoes, everybody involved—lawmakers, law-enforcement and the people who grow, sell and consume marijuana—has […]
23/08/2017 - 20:54:00

Early Girl Information about Early Girl: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time There is someone for everyone, and the same is true in the world of cannabis. A true companion especially on a lazy […]

Washington State Legal Change Will Expand Cannabis Business Hours Washington State has announced that it will increase the number of producer licenses for cannabis businesses, which will change the state of legal cannabis and allow for more competition. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board recently announced that […]

WA NORML: 2017 State of the Session Report WASHINGTON STATE: For the first time Washington NORML had a regular lobbyist in Olympia this year. The truth is NORML has almost always been staffed by volunteer activists. That’s what I was, at a NORML chapter in Missouri, interning for NORML’s […]

Original article from ireadculture:Denver Church Offering Cannabis Communion […]

Tommy Chong Announces Cannabis Travel Show Tommy Chong announced on August 15 that’s he’s developing a cannabis travel show to air on Cannabis Club TV (CCTV). The 79-year-old compares the upcoming show to Anthony Bourdain’s cooking show, but for cannabis enthusiasts. CCTV airs in […]

Legal Cannabis Sales in Uruguay Face an Unexpected Obstacle After a month of legal cannabis sales, pharmacies in Uruguay are being forced to make a decision. In 2013, Uruguay completely legalized the production and sale of cannabis. But after recent warnings from Banco Republica—the largest bank in Uruguay—and […]

Cannabis Board Proposes Shutting Down Every Collective in Michigan Former police sergeant and board member of Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board Donald Bailey recently stated that he wants to shut down every medical cannabis collective in Michigan by September 15, if they wish to remain open in the future. The […]
23/08/2017 - 20:00:00

The Legal Cannabis Diversion Problem PHOTO GRACIE MALLEY FOR CANNABIS NOW How marijuana legalization’s great success could give Jeff Sessions the excuse he needs to crack down. Oregon is no Colorado — not yet. And this is at the state’s peril. In 2016, the year recreational […]

Senator Named to Marijuana Regulatory Post Opposed Legal Pot BY BOB SALSBERG ASSOCIATED PRESS BOSTON (AP) — A Democratic state senator who opposed the ballot question that legalized recreational marijuana was named Wednesday by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker to the regulatory board that will oversee the cannabis […]
23/08/2017 - 19:33:00

Dutch Haze Information about Dutch Haze: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Some people use cannabis to relax, while others prefer to sleep. Still, there are also individuals who want a little […]

More Money Going to Federal Lobbying Efforts From the Marijuana Industry There is no doubt that federal law has a major impact on marijuana law reform efforts. In fact, not only does federal law affect what happens on a federal level, it also casts a dark shadow over efforts at the state level. Many state politicians balk at the very […]

UK Liberal Dems Continue Pot Support Under New Leadership After losing a federal election, most political parties would reevaluate their platforms and determine if what they stand for is in line with the population they represent. Oftentimes these parties will tweak their values in the hopes that it will gain more […]

State Senator First Appointee to Pot Regulatory Board BOSTON (AP) — Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has named a Democratic state senator to the regulatory board that will oversee recreational and medical marijuana in Massachusetts. Sen. Jennifer Flanagan, of Leominster, is the first person appointed to the […]

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