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How to Go Green with Your Cannabis Containers
Author: Marijuana.com Staff  12/01/2018 - 21:27:00

Cannabis is traditionally thought of as a “green” product, and to a considerable extent, this is true. With the rise of cannabis gardens employing sustainable cultivation methods, these emerald beauties hold the potential to become greener than ever. Still, the harrowing reality of the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint can’t be ignored. 

You know those things that your weed comes in? The tube that sort of looks like a pill bottle but instead you squeeze the sides and the top makes that pleasant “pop” sound as the dank aromatics of your herbal remedy fills the air? Yeah, those things. Where do they go when you’re all done? A pile under the bed, stuck between couch cushions? The recycle bin? The trash? (Please, do not throw them in the trash.) 

The Anatomy of a Pop Top Weed Container 

Those plastic pop top containers that hold your grams and ounces cannot be recycled just anywhere. Take one of your typical cannabis containers and flip that bad boy over. On the bottom of it, you will notice a #5 inside the recycling symbol with a little “PP” inscribed. Almost anything plastic has a similar symbol with a number to identify the type of plastic and how it can be recycled. 

Note the #5 recycling symbol on the bottom of this polypropylene container 

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