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Washington State Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana Deliveries
Author: Anthony Martinelli  12/01/2018 - 02:01:00

Legislation that would legalize the delivery of marijuana and marijuana products to qualified patients has been introduced in Washington’s House of Representatives. 

The measure, House Bill 2574, was introduced by Representative Shelley Kloba (D) along with a bipartisan coalition of 11 other lawmakers. The bill would establish “a medical marijuana delivery endorsement to the marijuana retailer’s license that authorizes the holder to provide marijuana home delivery services to qualifying medical marijuana patients age 21 or over, or to designated providers”, and “Authorizes qualifying medical marijuana patients to place delivery orders for marijuana products with a qualifying retailer over the telephone or by Internet.” 

The proposal “Requires that medical marijuana deliveries be made to the same qualifying adult that placed the order and that the delivery be made only to a private residence, hotel, motel, or other lodging business”, and “Requires that delivery persons be trained regarding age and identity verification, as well as verification that the patient is registered in the medical marijuana database.”

House Bill 2574 has been assigned to the House Commerce & Gaming Committee.

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