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Five Organizational Solutions for Cannabis
Author: Jacob Cannon  11/01/2018 - 08:04:00

Whether you are a cannabis consumer on a budget or a true cannasseur who has a wide variety of products at your disposal, there are countless options for keeping your herb organized. Whether you’re on-the-go or setting up an organized space at home for your cannabis stash, here are five organizational hacks that will help you keep things neat, odor-free and lookin’ good too! 

Traveling with Cannabis 

Be sure to be mindful of the local and state laws in your area that might pertain to traveling with cannabis. With that in consideration, here are some of our favorite ways to travel with cannabis. 

Erbanna Bag

From the Odor-Loc technology to strategically-placed features, every detail of Erbanna’s Jenny Crackle bag has been intentionally executed, making it a safe cannabis storage device for parents of all ages. A lockable zipper will keep the little ones from getting inside this trendy bag, and there’s a convenient and removable wristlet, which is stylish and practical when you’re in a rush. The zipper is also waterproof and smell-proof.


Part grinder, part tumbler, part portable cannabis station, the Grumbler is a one-stop shop for cannabis consumers who are on-the-go. The smell proof container will allow you to discreetly take your cannabis and cannabis accessories on any family outing without your preachy aunt Ida lecturing you on the “pitfalls” of cannabis.

The Chelsea

Every girl (or guy) needs a go-to bag that can carry everything from office goodies to cannabis essentials. In the case that you do need to travel straight from work to your favorite smoke spot, this fashionable handbag features a secret, Aroma-Bloc compartment to keep your after-work intentions on the down-low. This secret space will fit all types of cannabis goodies from flowers and glass to edibles and vape pens.

At Home Cannabis Storage

Cannasseurs rejoice! We have options beyond plastic bags and old pill containers for our at-home storage of cannabis flower, edibles and concentrates. While we prefer to lock our cannabis safely out of reach, we still like to keep organized in a classy, beautiful storage solution.


Some prefer to store their craft cannabis like you would with cigars—in a nice humidor box. With various options of size and features, our favorite Cannador storage box made out of wood is the one that fits four different strains, complete with a drawer for lighters and other accessories. With a lock and two keys, you can be sure your flower is safe and sound.

Medicine Cabinet

If you want a ton of storage space and aren’t afraid to show off your beautiful buds while dropping some serious cash, this is the solution for you. The Medicine Cabinet by Bud Bar Displays will bring your at-home cannabis bar to the next level. 

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