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Los Angeles County Cannabis: The San Fernando and Antelope Valleys
Author: Alexa Halloran  11/01/2018 - 15:00:00

Our Los Angeles cannabis business lawyers, including me, are constantly being asked about the local cannabis laws of the various 88 incorporated cities in Los Angeles County. 

Because it is both important and difficult to decipher each individual city’s local laws, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with charts showing the same. We divided the county into four regions, and over the next few weeks we will publish charts for each of these regions to keep you updated on each of the cities and their current laws. 

This week’s post highlights the cities located in and around the San Fernando and Antelope Vallesy. Here is a chart showing the laws regarding cannabis cultivation, dispensing, distribution, and manufacturing in those areas. 

Before you can receive a California cannabis license (temporary or annual) you must provide the state with proof of local approval. Our charts in this series are intended to help you figure out whether such local approval is possible and, if so, what it takes to get it.  Please note that although we hope find this research useful, local cannabis zoning ordinances tend to change quickly, so you will want to confirm these findings and run related due diligence, prior to taking action. 

Original article from cannalawblog.com: Los Angeles County Cannabis: The San Fernando and Antelope Valleys


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