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Cannabis-Infused January Recipes: Drinks and Side Dishes
Author: Nicole Potter  10/01/2018 - 08:04:00

The new year is full of possibility. Countless people approach it as a fresh new start, the “new year, new you” approach to life anew. Over the years, CULTURE has approached the new year with a variety of unique recipes, which ranged from culinary treats that are healthy, hemp-based, inspired by the Chinese New Year, and even inspired by traditional African American cuisine in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. No matter which way you choose to celebrate this month, there are plenty of ways to embrace it. Enjoy the first of our three-part series, starting with unique drinks and side dishes. 


Hemp Breakfast Acai Bowl: Infused with plenty of healthy ingredients like hemp, this tasty bowl can be the perfect way to start your day.

Hemp Granola Bars: Need a pick-me-up? Try out this easy homemade granola bar recipe, made with real hemp!

New Year’s Sweet Greens Juice: For those looking to meet the requirements of a strict New Year’s resolution, this all-green juice is perfect for starting a cleanse and absorbing some much needed nutrients.

Canna Banana Bread: Let’s face it—bread is delicious. And it’s somewhat healthy to make it with bananas.

Chinese Egg Rolls: The Chinese New Year rolls around in mid-February, but it’s the new year for everyone right now—get a head start on your Chinese-inspired cuisine skills!

Broiled Cheesy Tomatoes: it’s exactly how it sounds—juicy tomatoes covered in oozing cheese.

Happy New Year Champagne Cocktail: Whether you make this recipe as a belated celebration of 2018’s arrival, or a toast to the future year of 2019, this easy-to-make cocktail is the way to go.

Buddhas Delight-Jai: This mushroom-based mixture of special ingredients (like lily buds, bamboo shoots, chestnuts and gingko nuts) turns into a neat little veggie stir fry that you’ve probably never tasted before.

Steamed Dumplings-Jiaozi: Dumplings. Are. Amazing. Especially these little beauties, filled with pork, onions, bamboo shoots, ginger and garlic. It comes with a special dipping sauce recipe too!

Collard Greens with Bacon: In honor of African American heritage, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday this month, try some traditional fare like this recipe full of vegetables.

Red Beans And Rice: Refresh your take on brown rice with this recipe, which mixes together kidney beans, onion, sweet peppers and spices soaked in vegetable broth and a bit of lime juice.

Sweet Iced Tea: Use our cannabis-infused simple syrup recipe to make the best iced tea you’ve ever had.

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