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Medical Cannabis Oil Supporters Want To Legalize Cultivation In Georgia
Author: Ron Strider  09/01/2018 - 20:36:00

Photo Credit: Robert F. Bukaty 

Supporters of medical cannabis oil are now trying to get the state to allow cultivation in Georgia. 

It is getting some pushback in the legislature. 

Opponents said they believe it is time for the federal government to get involved. 

The state gave more protections to people who use medical cannabis oil to treat certain ailments, including some seizures in children. 

While it is legal to possess it in Georgia, it is not legal to bring it into the state and it is not legal to grow it here. 

Supporters are now trying to get a constitutional amendment passed so voters can decide if it should be legal for the state or a licensed entity to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

“If we really want to do it, if we really are serious about dealing with opioid epidemic, we’ll pass legislation that would allow access to medical cannabis here in our state,” Allen Peake said.

While several state leaders have supported medical cannabis oil, they are not so sure they support cultivation.

They believe supporters should lobby the federal government so that oil could be brought into the state legally.

Original article from 420magazine.com: Medical Cannabis Oil Supporters Want To Legalize Cultivation In Georgia


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