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Author: Cannabis Now  10/01/2018 - 02:42:00

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Issue 27
Print Edition (134 pages)
December 2017

What’s Inside Issue 28

Editor’s Note By Ellen Holland p.10
From the Webp.15
High Note p.128


Goody Two-Shoes Sue: A cannabis pioneer of the ‘Reefer Madness’ generation helps seniors find their way to marijuana as a medicine. By K. Astrep.72
Pisos: The Secrets of an OG Grower: The Pisos dispensary might be two miles from the Las Vegas Strip, but it is central to the city’s cultivation community. By Chris Roberts  p.82 
Growing Towards the Light: Cultivating company Gold Seal SF is pinning its future on quality and compliance. By Greg Zeman p.96
Liberating Medical Cannabis: The Netherlands is generally perceived as a mecca for cannabis, but the reality is far more complicated. By Nina Vera p.116


MUSIC’S MEDITATIVE TRIP Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne talks weird weed experiences, Miley Cyrus and marijuana-flavored gummies. By Max Savage Levenson p.19
BREW YOUR OWN BUDS An innovative new machine aims to level the culinary playing field by seeping cannabis like coffee. By K. Astre p.24
THE PIGMENTS OF TRIGS Dab rigs resembling trees evoke nature with glass art. By Jimi Devine p.26
DEAR DABBY Explore how to dial in on a dose with comedian Ngaio Bealump.31
REEFER’S CLOSET – MEDICAL MARIJUANA WEARABLES Spread the word with these wearable pieces that are sure to start a conversation. By Coral Reefer  p.112


SETTLING THE DEBATE ONCE AND FOR ALL – MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE Scientists and researchers the world over agree on the therapeutic properties of cannabis. By Ricardo Baca p.33
CLASH OF THE CARTRIDGES A legal dispute between two cannabis companies has big implications for how the industry approaches research and safety. By Mitchell Colbert p.38
CANNABIS & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Patients reconnect with time honored healing. By Sara Payan p.40
JOSH: A REAGAN-ERA MMJ MIRACLE 30 YEARS LATER A child plays a role in a historic hearing concerning the potential to reschedule cannabis. We revisit his story three decades later. By Alice O’Leary-Randall p.44

Health + Wellness

POP-UP SHOP: HOME COOKS TACKLE CANNABIS JUICING A private event demonstrates how to juice cannabis leaves and create oil infusions.By Ellen Hollandp.49
EATING AWAY AT ANXIETY Can edibles help tame stress?By Emily Earlenbaugh p.54 
FULL SPECTRUM FRUIT SMOOTHIES This recipe is a sweet, refreshing spin on cannabis medicine that includes the healing properties of hemp. By Laurie and Maryjane p.56  


CORPORATE CANNABIS: CANADA SET TO LEGALIZE Jodie Emery, one of Canada’s most prominent marijuana activists, braces for a massive corporate takeover. By Angela Bacca p.59
CAN MEDICAL CANNABIS SURVIVE IN OREGON? Over 90 percent of the state’s medical dispensaries vanished in just one year.By Owen Poindexter p.62
AGATE DREAMS OF ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT The Suquamish Tribe wrestles with the federal government and Native stereotypes to open one of the first dispensaries on reservation land.By Julia Clark-Riddell p.66


BOOK REVIEW: ‘CANNABIS FOR SENIORS’ New work caters the cannabis message to an older population. Reviewed By Max Savage Levenson  p.79
STRAIN REVIEW: ROZÉ ALL DAY From the team who put the wind in Zkittlez’s sails comes their newest strain offering, which is bound for superstardom. By Jimi Devine p.102
TV REVIEW: ‘THE PROFIT’ CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ introduces the pot industry to newcomers. By Kristen Gwynne p.107
Product Spotlight: The greatest weedy gift suggestions for the special people in your life. p.108
DISPENSARY REVIEW: LEVEL UP An Arizona dispensary earns combo points for experience and offerings. By Stoney Xochi p.124


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