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Coachella Really Doesn’t Want You Bringing Weed Into the Festival
Author: Duke London  09/01/2018 - 21:54:00

Coachella announced their 2018 lineup a week ago, including a makeup appearance by the Queen of America’s Royal Family, Beyoncé. The singer was slated to perform at last year’s festival before bowing out to bless future generations with a set of two new Bey-Z clones. 

Of course, passes sold out quickly. 

If people weren’t enticed by a lineup that also includes a revived Eminem, SZA, and Miguel (and Jamiroquai!), they might have been eager to attend the first major festival in California post-recreational marijuana legalization. 

But the festival’s organizers — or, more likely, their insurance providers — have quickly put the kibosh on any plans to dirty up their classy corporate shindig with pesky reefer pot. 

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