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Taxpayers Foot Bill for Iowa State’s Failed Marijuana Lawsuit Against Students
Author: Duke London  10/01/2018 - 01:31:00

When a group of students at Iowa State University (ISU) decided to dedicate their time — when not in class, of course — to fighting for marijuana legislation reform, they probably didn’t expect to generate national news with their T-shirts. 

But when Iowa State violated the U.S. Constitution by banning the shirts, which featured the university’s mascot and a small marijuana leaf, they ended up costing taxpayers statewide some serious legal costs. 

According to The Associated Press, the state will have to fork over $150,000 in damages to two members who serve leadership roles in the ISU chapter of NORML. Former students Erin Furleigh and Paul Gerlich will each receive half of the settlement. A state board determined the school violated the group’s right to free speech by prohibiting the shirts. 

Additionally, taxpayers will foot the bill for $386,000 in legal fees to two law firms that represented the NORML chapter in the case and its subsequent appeals. 

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