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Get Motivated to Exercise with These Powerful Sativa Strains
Author: Nicole Potter  08/01/2018 - 08:00:00

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is one that every person is familiar with—to work out more. Those who are motivated to exercise don’t need to make a resolution for this, but for those who would rather binge watch the newest Netflix Original Series, motivating yourself to turn off the TV and turn toward a treadmill is difficult. Fortunately, we already know that cannabis is one heck of a motivator, especially the sativa varieties. All you need is the desire for change, a form of working out and one of these reliable strains. 

Blueberry Sativa 

This 100 percent sativa is one that’s been around for over two decades, traveling through regions such as British Colombia, Oregon and Colorado. It’s the perfect strain for treating a number of medical conditions, with almost immediate effects that start in the cerebrum and spread quickly throughout the body. In just that small amount of time, you’ll be pumped and ready to get moving.

Green Crack

This notorious strain is one of the go-to flowers for getting in the mood for exercise. The pungent, skunky scent is more than enough to wake a person up! Our reviewer actually described the effect of this particular strain as providing “a strong head effect with energetic clarity.” It’s great for channeling focus and getting any task done, whether it’s a long run on a treadmill, or some intense stretching.

Dutch Treat

Looking for something “blissful, chill and perky?” Well this is the perfect strain to try when you’re in need of a positive pick-me-up. This would be the ideal strain to really pump you up before a long run around the neighborhood, as the strain is easy on the lungs, and has a satisfying sweet and earthy taste.

Sour Patch Kiss

This sativa hybrid has a reputation for lifting you up, adding a little pep to your step and providing you with “laser-sharp focus.” It’s floral-like aroma is pleasant, but upon smelling it for the first time you will also be struck with a strong, livening citrus scent as well. Because this is most effective maybe before or after dinner, this strain becomes the number one choice for evening exercise of any kind.

Jet Fuel

Symbolically, the name of this strain suggests that this particular sativa is powerhouse of strength, especially because it “propels you into the stratosphere.” Accept the effects of pure motivation while you engage in some intense yoga or pilates, carefully lift weights or maybe even start learning how to box.

East Coast Sour Diesel

If energy is what you seek, then look no further than this strain. This strain is ideally used in the evening after work, which will help you gain more than enough energy to get your chores done, as well as have a thorough workout. Don’t use it too late in the evening though, as it could cause you to stay up at night as a result. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world, since this strain also boosts creativity.

Super Lemon Haze

This strain is another reliable energy booster. A sweet citrus flavor will immediately wake you up and improve your mood. Not to mention that it’s long lasting, meaning that you can exert energy through hiking, kayaking or even pure dancing and still have energy left over.

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