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Underage Consumption of Drugs in Colorado is Down Post Cannabis Legalization
Author: Alice  14/12/2017 - 17:11:00

December 14, 2017, Colorado 

Recent surveys are indicating a very healthy development in the state of Colorado where the use of a drug in teenagers has significantly decreased post-legalization. So, what’s the reason? Are youngsters not interested anymore in a legalized commodity or have they lost the interest in drugs at all? 

Colorado and Legalization 

Five years ago, Coloradans endorsed the legalization of adult-use marijuana in the state. In 2014, ballot measure of Colorado Amendment 64 got implemented, which enabled all the adults aged 21 and above to purchase cannabis without using any medical prescription. In the first year of legalization, Colorado collected tax revenue of more than $40 millions from retail sales alone. A part of this collection was used to fund various community programs to help the residents of the state. 

Another positive result of legalization is being experienced by the state in the form of decreased ratio of teenage use of drugs. As per National Survey on Drug Use and Health, consumption of marijuana among Colorado teenagers from age 12 to 17 is around 9%. It is the lowest percentage of underage drug use in the state in just about a decade. The survey data on marijuana consumption belongs to the years 2015 and 2016. There is another healthy fact revealed by the survey, the percentage of teenagers using alcohol and tobacco products and heroin has also reduced in the same time period. 

Colorado and Legalization – Image powered by Occnewspaper.com

Reasons for Reduced Cannabis Consumption

Brian Vicente, a co-author of the Amendment 64 believes that the drop in underage consumption is due to the fact that the state has now active role in cannabis business. There are serious repercussions for those selling marijuana to an underage population. Therefore, cannabis establishments are now more watchful in checking the IDs of buyers.

While Vicente’s reasoning has substance to it but some other important points should also be taken into consideration. For instance, black market of cannabis is not entirely dead and teens can score from there because the ones who are still consuming weed somehow getting it. So, why the consumption among teen populace has gone done significantly?

One plausible theory suggests that by legalizing cannabis, the state has removed the thrill and stigma associated with consuming a forbidden substance. Making cannabis a legalized commodity has made it less appealing and seeped out the contravention associated with its consumption, which attracts many.

Flag of Colorado with Marijuana – Image powered by Marijuana.com

For whatever reason, the decline in teen consumption is a good development and other states must follow in the footsteps of Colorado. The same survey also shows the alcohol consumption among adults has also decreased while marijuana use among adults has increased, pointing towards the fact that more adults are preferring marijuana over alcohol.

Amid a nationwide opioid crisis, it has become important to look into the reason for decreased drug activity among teens in Colorado and its connection with legalization, so the same model can be practiced all around the US.

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