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Is Canada Pushing Recreational Cannabis Legalization Past July 2018?
Author: Alice  12/12/2017 - 17:27:00

December 12, 2017 Canada 

Two legislations, very significant to regulate the cannabis plant, might be held up by the Conservative senators in order to delay the country’s plans for legalizing adult-use cannabis. 

Bill C-45 which address the domains of use and sale of the cannabis plant and C-46 which includes a set of instructions for driving with marijuana intoxication will be reviewed in the coming January. But Conservative lawmakers are adamant and saying that the at least six to eight months will be needed for a comprehensive examination of the two bills. 

This timeframe suggests that full legalization of recreational cannabis will be pushed to the end of the 2018 even if things go smooth after successful review of the bills. 

Claude Carignan, a Conservative senator, told two different news outlets that senators had to do their job properly which means it would take eight months to study the bills, the exact time taken by The House to review it. 

Senator Claude Carignan – Image powered by Thestar.com

Conservative lawmakers have a very strong opinion that the legalization bills are not inclusive enough to be implemented in their current form. Carignan indicates the bills don’t address a range of issues such as training for law enforcements, worker drug tests, impact of full-scale legalization on young population and some tax propositions.

The delay in the ratification of these two bills will have serious implications for local governments and smalltime ventures. Retail cannabis production has already been increased in the anticipation of initial announcement of July 1, 2018. The administration has also issued a large number of cultivating licenses ahead of the proposed deadline. Moreover, law enforcements have also started to train their personnel in line with new marijuana protocols.

However, Carginan argues cannabis operators should not get flabbergasted by the push of legalization date because there were no rules were in place when the process was begun. Carginan recommends business owners to take their time and should not be in a hurry before the legislation gets endorsed by both houses.

Canada Legalize Marijuana – Image powered by Smokebuddies.com.br

In spite of their obvious goal to delay the legislation and push the legalization date, it is not completely definite that the Conservatives will be succeeded. Especially, if non-Conservative senators work to rev up the process of reviewing the bills, they could easily put a stop to the Conservative attempts to delay the bills’ ratification. Right now, number of Liberal senators is not enough to counterbalance the Conservatives and therefore the process will be very much dependent on the actions of independent senators who don’t share same set of ideological views.

Nevertheless, there is one silver lining. Currently, there are eleven empty seats at the Senate. If the president is able to fill these seats with pro-marijuana senators, he could have successfully got the bills passed before the initially announced legalization date. But till then, it resides with the independent senators to huddle themselves against the Conservative’s anti-cannabis agenda.

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