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The Reason Behind California’s Decision to Remove the Size Cap on Marijuana Farms
Author: Alice  07/12/2017 - 16:13:00

December 07, 2017 

Last month, the state regulators unexpectedly announced they would license marijuana farms irrespective of their size. Smalltime growers and some state legislators have started protesting against the announcement. It is being said that powerful marijuana ventures are behind this development. 

According to the Proposition 64, small and medium-scale farmers were promised that they would not face any competition from large commercial cannabis farms for at least next 5 years. This proposition was necessary to ensure the economic stability of the majority of rural areas of the state. Regulators were in line with the Proposition 64 as recently as the mid of the last month with capping the agricultural area for cannabis to one acre. But the emergency guideline issued by the regulators afterwards didn’t mention any such size cap. 

According to the advocates of small and medium-size farmers, allowing unlimited size of cannabis farms is in direct violation of the regulator’s own report regarding environmental impact. Public disclosure forms indicate that large cannabis operators spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby against the cap on farm size.

Remove the Size Cap on Marijuana Farms – Image powered by Mashable.com

A very unconvincing reason has been given by the spokesperson of the agricultural department regarding the exclusion of size cap from the regulations. He said the clause about the size limit of cultivating area was excluded after an “input from stakeholders”. The department hasn’t revealed the identity of stakeholders. Nevertheless, concerned and affected parties know who these stakeholders are. It has also been reported that some small and medium-size farmers are thinking about filing a lawsuit against the exclusion of size cap from the Provision.

FLRish, a large marijuana business group, is one of the stakeholders in removing the size limit from the regulations. However, acting CEO of the company remained ambiguous about the role of the company in this development. Apart from FLRish, other large cannabis operators will also get the benefits of no-size-limit on marijuana farms in the state.

This amendment in the state’s licensing rule will hugely impact the smalltime farmers who are already facing the issue of low price crops.

California Cannabis Farmers – Image powered by Youtube.com

Gavin Newsom, a frontrunner for the governor’s office repeatedly voiced against the monopoly of large operators in legalized marijuana industry. But recently, he has collected large sum of moneys for his gubernatorial campaign from big cannabis players. Hence, his views have also been changed. He seems to be fine with removing the size cap on cannabis farms.

Licensed marijuana farming is less than a month away and it is still unclear how many of 50,000 small and medium-size cannabis farmers in the state will be able to join the legal market and can contend with cannabis giants having unrestrained capital reserves. Observers think allowing large corporations to have hundreds of acres of cannabis farming in the beginning of the legalization program will tarnish the prospects of its success.

Allowing handful of cannabis operators to command the business of the whole state will only lead to a massive economic crisis in the Golden State.

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