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Michigan’s Bureau of MMJ Regulation Issues Rules for the Licensing
Author: Alice  07/12/2017 - 17:43:00

December 07, 2017 Michigan 

Medical cannabis establishments can apply to operate MMJ dispensaries in the state of Michigan from the mid of this month. Just 10 days before the opening of MMJ licensing window, the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has furnished a set of rules called MMJ Facilities Licensing Act. 

These rules are formulated on the temporary basis because the department is facing a tight schedule where cannabis ventures are getting ready to enter the legal orbit. 

In 2016, the state’s bicameral assembly ratified a bunch of instructions allowing certified businesses to cultivate, process, and provision medical cannabis. The legislation helped many businesses to come out of a grey area associated with the legality of MMJ. 

These new implications put the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs into spotlight which formed a Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation responsible for formulating the rules overseeing the operations of medical cannabis.

The rules and regulation of MMJ operations in the state have undergone litigious hearings in the MMJ licensing board. House Fiscal Agency of the state has forecasted that legalized marijuana will be around $800 million business and that’s why many investors are interested in this promising cannabis market.

Michigan MMJ Dispensaries – Image powered by Greenhousemag.com

The provisional rules outlined by the bureau are comprised of 33 pages discussing the governing rules of advertising, marketing, security arrangements, labeling, packaging and other related aspects of MMJ business.

One much discussed part of the rules states that business applying for license must meet certain capital requirements to start the legal MMJ operations in the state. According to rule 11 of the document containing total 51 points outlines the amount of capital requirements. These requirements are mentioned below:

  • Class A will require initial capital of $150,000, while Class B and Class C will need $300,000 and $500,000 respectively.
  • Ventures operating MMJ processing facilities and provisioning establishments will require the start-up capital of $300,000.
  • Transportation services facilitating MMJ businesses have to declare available capital of $200,000. The same amount is required for facilities overseeing the safety compliance.

Few members of the MMJ licensing Board showed their reservations about the very unyielding capital requirements to get the license. One board member shared that the newly outlined capital compulsions would make it nearly impossible for some existing businesses to get the MMJ license. No change has been made in the Rule 11 so far.

Michigan Dispensaries – Image powered by Sohai.org

Director of Bureau of MMJ Regulation, Andrew Brisbo, told press about the need of setting emergency rules for MMJ licensing. He said the newly formulated 51 rules would be implemented to uphold patient protection and to make it easy for them to have access to safe medical cannabis products.

MMJ Licensing Board along with the Bureau is working to make a set of permanent rules for medical cannabis licensing. Cannabis advocates are hoping that the Great Lake State will be the next one to legalize adult-use cannabis.

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