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Maryland Businesses Race to the Starting Line for Legal Marijuana Sales
Author: Duke London  30/11/2017 - 23:11:00

Embroiled in controversy and set back by a myriad of delays since voters expressed their desire for medical marijuana legalization in 2013, the state of Maryland finally appears ready to open the proverbial doors of its medical cannabis market. 

Many eyes are on the state as it attempts to correct course and execute the beginning of a monumental new era for Marylanders and those in surrounding areas like Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C. who currently lack access to legal dispensaries. 

Just a few weeks ago, Patrick Jameson, executive director of the state’s Medical Cannabis Commission, became the second person in that position to resign in the past two years. The former Maryland state trooper will step down tomorrow at the end of the month. 

But Jameson hasn’t been the only person to give up a seat on the commission, though others didn’t have a say in the matter. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan removed 10 of the 16 commission members this summer in the face of mounting criticism of the lack of diversity among the chosen licensees. 

Language in the medical marijuana legislation called for racial diversity in the license application selection process, yet the commission still managed to award 100 percent of the state’s grow licenses to White applicants in a state comprised of 31 percent Black residents.

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