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Canada looks set to Legalize Cannabis
Author: Alice  30/11/2017 - 16:45:00

November 30, 2017 Canada 

The Canadian parliament approved a bill on Monday that seeks to legalize Marijuana in the country. The bill received the support from 200 MPs while 82 votes against. It will now be sent to the Senate for debate and voting. 

The bill called C-45 was noted to have received overwhelming bipartisan support from conservatives as well as liberals. Conservatives had earlier tried to delay proceedings by proposing a counter-bill which aimed to send the bill to the health committee for study and scrutiny. However, the effort was rejected by a margin of 199-83. 

Jody Wilson-Raybould, who is the Justine Minister for the country, had sponsored the legislation. He later tweeted and called the vote a historic milestone in Canada’s nationwide movement to legalize Marijuana. 

Elected members across the country had been debating the possibility of legalizing cannabis for years. With the passing of this bill, acceptability for the drug might be close to becoming a reality. Efforts for legalization of cannabis in the country started after successful adoption of the drug by Colorado and Washington in the U.S. Canada has since raced ahead of its southern neighbor in efforts to approve cannabis. It would be ironic if Canada now legalizes pot before the United States.

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The House Wars

The bill still needs to pass from the Senate before being signed by the Prime Minister. Some are skeptical if the bill will be approved. Currently, the Upper House is controlled by a majority of conservative Senators who are opposed to legalizing the drug. They are threatening to block the bill from being floored on the basis that a number of provinces have not yet provided a framework for how the bill’s provisions will be enforced.

Canada has 10 provinces with each one enacting their own provincial laws, much like the states in the U.S. The provinces have been given the deadline of July 1 to come up with their individual legal framework for regulation. Authorities from some provinces believe that the deadline is impossible to meet.

Trudeau on Legalization

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has been very supportive of the efforts to legalize the drug. Last year, he said that it was better to legalize Marijuana than letting the black market take control of the industry. He noted that young people have much easier access to cannabis in his country than anywhere else in the world. The premier believes that bringing the drug trade within regulatory control will remove criminals from the market and it is the best way to cut young people’s access to Marijuana.

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“The fact is (Marijuana) is bad for the development of young brains…what we need to make sure is that it isn’t easy for young Canadians to acquire marijuana.”

Speaking at a conference in 2016, he also noted that drug trade was funneling money into criminal activity.

“Billions of dollars are going into the pockets of criminals, gangs and gun running mobs. This is all because of the illegal drug trade. If we can get them out of the hands of criminals who are profiting from them and build it into a more regulated industry, we will be able to reduce other crimes that are offshoots of this.”

If Marijuana is legalized in Canada, it will certainly increase the pressure on the United States government to consider a similar move and things can get very interesting.

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