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Amsterdam Unity Cup 2017
Author: Alice  30/11/2017 - 17:11:00

November 30,2017 Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is without a doubt the weed capital of the world. While many countries in the civilized world still criminalize the use of marijuana for recreation, regular coffee shops in the small European country have been issuing special weed passes to their customers for years, allowing pot smoking on their premises. 

Proud of its freedom and tolerance, the city created the Amsterdam Unity Cup, back in 2015. The event was formerly known as the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup before that. It has a long history and has been held every year for the past thirty years in the city. It was first created in 1987 by Steven Hager, the editor in chief of High Times Magazine and has been very popular among both locals and tourists. 

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the culture of Cannabis. After two years since its recent promotion, the Unity Cup has become a new reference point for some of Europe’s best Cannabis events. 

There is a competition with categories on hash and flowers of both imported and local varieties. More than 20 of Amsterdam’s best coffee shops compete in various categories offering the best of their products to attendants. The competition is overseen by Cannabis College Amsterdam.

Flag of Amsterdam – Image powered by Royal-flags.co.uk

The attendants and consumers are deemed to be the best to judge and they vote on different strains of cannabis to pick the top 3 in the selected categories.

The competition also includes activities such as expert discussions, art exhibitions and music events. It is seen more as an event aimed at festivity having a good time rather than a competition.

The Amsterdam Unity Cup was recently held from the 19th to 22nd of November, 2017 at Melkweg. It is a famous venue and well known attraction in the city of Amsterdam. Melkweg hosted the competition in its old factory concert hall.

During the 4 nights of music events, the Marijuana’s culture lovers from all over the world gathered to celebrate this yearly Cannabis competition. The event ended on Wednesday, 22nd with an awards show ceremony. The competition this year voted on five categories.

Best Seed Company for Hash

The Devil’s Nectar and Suvernuven won this year for their “Devil’s Harvest, Devil’s Glue”. Crocket Family Farms took the second spot for “The Juice” while “SO G Kush Waterhash” from Soma Sacred Seeds was number three.

Best Seed Company for Flower

DNA Genetic’s “S1” impressed the judged and took the first place. Lady Sativa Genetics “Orange Diesel V3” was voted second and Pheno Finder’s “Sunset Sherbet” was third.

Flag of Amsterdam with Marijuana – Image powered by Canstockphoto.com

Best Coffeeshop for Imported Hash

Bagheera’s “Mango Haze” was the winner in this category. Original Dampkring “Asli” hash finished at number two while “Don Perignon” from the Green Place took the third position.

Best Coffeeshop for Neder Hash

“SB Ice” by the Grey Area was the favorite and won. “Red Ice” by the Original Dampkring claimed the second. Green Place made it into top three with their “Cookies & Cream Isolator”

Best Coffeeshop for Flowers

Original Dampkring won the flower category with their “BlackBerry Bliss”. Grey Area’s “White Fire” came in at number two. Voyager’s “Sunset Sherbet” was also on the board and finished third.

Regardless of who won or lost, the event ended on a high note for everyone involved.

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