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Ad Gurus Scrutinize Canada’s Marijuana Plain Packaging Debate
Author: Jon Hiltz  29/11/2017 - 23:44:00

As Bill C-45 continues to make its historic journey through the Canadian parliamentary process, one of the hot-button issues that continues to get attention is the way marijuana products will be branded and advertised to Canadians. 

The federal government has taken a strict position on cannabis marketing by outlining a plain packaging requirement with little to no advertising opportunities available. Licensed producers of cannabis across the country voiced their collective opposition to the branding restrictions, going as far as submitting a proposed set of self-regulating guidelines to the feds for consideration. 

But now that a large-scale public consultation period is underway, it’s the perfect time to seek advice from advertising gurus on a healthy way for legal marijuana to be marketed. 

Terry O’Reilly is a legendary advertising executive in Canada, with a 35-year career that includes hosting popular radio shows and authoring books on how marketing affects popular culture. He sat down with Marijuana.com to offer some insight on branding Canada’s hottest new industry. 

Courtesy of Terry O’Reilly

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