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Why I Think it’s Better to be in a Relationship with a Stoner
Author: Sarah  28/11/2017 - 23:34:00

There are a lot of think pieces out there about being in a relationship with a stoner. These tend to trend towards the negative. For example there’s why you shouldn’t date one, or why you should date but not marry one, et cetera. Honestly, your preferences are your own, but I would rather be in a relationship with a stoner than anyone else. 

I’ve been in relationships with people who indulge in all kinds of substances,  alcohol being one example. While I certainly don’t mind a bit of partying every once in awhile, I would never date a drunk again. You can’t trust someone who puts a bottle in higher regard than you. 

There are many reasons why I prefer being in a relationship with a stoner. Yes, I’m happy to tell you them all. 

Stoners are Happier and More Successful

For one, people who use cannabis are easier to be around. They tend to be more laid back than others, and don’t try to control every aspect of life. We prefer to take it as it comes. This is not to say that it’s bad to have things under control, but there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun.

Let’s look at some of the reasons given for not being in a relationship with a stoner, shall we? One of the most common ones given is that people who use cannabis are less focused and motivated than people who don’t. It’s implied that dating a stoner might mean you have to help them keep track of their finances, or maybe even support them financially. This is an old stereotype that needs to die. A study earlier this year showed that cannabis users tend to be more successful than their nonsmoking counterparts. If you want a taste of financial success, you are probably more likely to see it if you are in a relationship with a stoner.

Pot also Smells Better than Booze

Another common reason is people who use cannabis also smell like it 24/7. Now, I like the smell, but I understand that other people feel nauseated from it, or don’t want other people to smell it on them. Luckily, this is the 21st century; there are many ways to consume cannabis without smoking it. For example, you can take it as an edible, a tincture, topical, or you can vape it. Every cannabis enthusiast I’ve met, myself included, has always been more than happy to refrain from smoking around people who don’t like it. If my significant other told me he hated the smell of my smoke, I would be completely open to to switching to another consumption method. Try telling a drunk that you hate the smell of their breath when they’re soused. See if you get that kind of respect.

Relationship goals. Image Source: Pinterest

Why not be in a Relationship with a Stoner?

Other people’s preferences are their own, but there’s no reason not to be in a relationship with a stoner. If someone tells you they don’t want to be in a relationship with you because you use cannabis, they are not worth your time. You can do better. That attitude would be a deal breaker for me anyway because cannabis is my medicine. Telling me that you won’t date me because I smoke weed, would be like telling a diabetic that you won’t date them because they have to inject themselves with insulin. Stoners make the best significant others, so if you’re in a relationship with one, celebrate it. After you’re done reading this article, smoke a bowl with them . Show them you appreciate them. After all you could be dating a drunk.

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Why would you prefer to be in a relationship with a stoner? Dish about your love life in the comments!

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