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Sacramento close to legalizing Cannabis sale
Author: Alice  28/11/2017 - 16:08:00

November 28, 2017 Sacramento 

The Sacramento City Council will be voting on Tuesday on a bill that could legalize the sale of Cannabis in the city. If the bill is passed, sale is expected to begin as soon as January 1st, 2018. 

A number of other cities in California that were looking to lift the ban are likely to miss the date. The City Council in Sacramento however will be giving the go-ahead to medical dispensaries to sell the drug for recreational purposes. 

The city is also looking to join a number of other jurisdictions that are adopting an equality program that seeks to address concerns about the manner in which Cannabis regulatory laws are enacted. Another proposition up for the vote concerns what the Council could do to help remove barriers to entry for business owners from minority communities. 

If the proposition is passed, the number of dispensaries that are permitted in the city would be capped at 30. New licenses to get authorized as a seller would be issued by a lottery draw.

It should be noted that the vote could fail. In the beginning of November, some council members expressed concerns about allowing dispensaries the license to sell cannabis freely. The members opposed to the bill have issues with tax evasions associated with the trade, as reported in a recent audit report. They have also questioned whether dispensaries are selling a greater number of plants than they have been allowed and if there would be on-site consumption of marijuana which would still be prohibited.

City of Sacramento Flag – Image powered by Shutterstock.com

The chief of Sacramento’s cannabis policy and enforcement agency, Joe Devlin told reporters that Matt Haines was hired by some of the medical dispensaries to explain the shortcomings of the audit report. Haines, an auditor from Capitol Compliance Mangement, has informed the Council that his firm represents nine dispensaries in the city and the firm aims to make these businesses 100% compliant to the regulations.

The equity program up for the vote, if passed, would make it easier for business owners from the minority communities to get established in the cannabis industry.

The Sacramento editor, Erika D Smith wrote,

“The proposed plan would establish a support center for small businesses. The center will offer legal assistance and mentoring to minorities. It will target women and veterans in particular who are interested in entering the industry. In the beginning it will be a test program, for two years, run by a third party that is approved by the city. They hope to create a self sustaining incubator program that helps new business entrepreneurs.

Sacramento close to legalizing Cannabis sale – Image powered by Sandiegouniontribune.com

Another plan would get rid of requirements for criminal background checks for all but the most important stakeholders of cannabis-related businesses. The idea is that poor people with less-than-clean records would be more eager to apply for jobs.”

Devlin spoke to the Capital Public Radio, explaining that the city hopes to embark on an “equity program” to help people who have already been selling marijuana without a license.

“We are looking to establish a support center aimed around small and new businesses that will help them in dealing with what are likely to be existing practices that are illegal. This will also help manufacturers move into the legal marketplace, from existing illegal middlemen.” he said.

Devlin said the program could include fee waivers or deferrals.

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