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Are Drug Sniffing Dogs Needed for Cannabis Once Legalization Comes?
Author: Jon Hiltz  27/11/2017 - 21:21:00

In every major city across Canada, dogs are performing highly important tasks that human beings simply cannot do by senses alone. Some of those include the detection of explosives, weapons, and of course, sniffing for illegal drugs. 

In July 2018, marijuana is expected to be legal and available across the nation and this shift in policy creates a challenge for the law enforcement community. Our officers and border patrol are seeking to find a balance between searching anyone who has pot on them, and those who exceed the expected federal limit of 30 grams per person. 

Many questions arise in the area of cannabis detection because a significant portion of the K9 community are trained to detect any amount of marijuana. 

“Under the old drug detector dog model, K9’s were trained to locate drugs such as cannabis, hashish, hash oil, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, meth, and ecstasy,” said Staff Sergeant Carolle Dionne, the Media Coordinator for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in an interview with Marijuana.com. “In 2016, in anticipation of the legalization of cannabis, the K9 program decided to no longer train or imprint the new dogs on cannabis products.” 

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