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Cannabis Advocacy Groups in Puerto Rico Raise Hurricane Relief Money
Author: Tyler Shultz  27/11/2017 - 08:01:00

The Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association (PRMCA), along with the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and medical cannabis industry consulting firm Puerto Rico Medcann.biz, have joined to launch the Stronger Together campaign in an effort to raise funds for the 3.4 million residents that were affected by Hurricane Maria. President Donald Trump has previously announced that the country can’t keep helping Puerto Rico “forever” and the PRMCA is looking for support elsewhere. 

The announcement was made by the PRMCA at the Marijuana Business MJBizCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, touted as the largest cannabis industry conference in the world. PRMCA hosted a booth with information about the campaign and a “virtual reality hurricane experience” for attendees to get a real view of the continuing emergency

“Our mission for MJBizCon is to work with fellow cannabis professionals to help raise Funds for victim relief for the still-suffering Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria,” said PRMCA Spokesperson Mimi Perez. “Since Maria made landfall more than 50 days ago, many of the 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico are without drinkable water, cell service, electricity and basic human needs.” 

PRMCA’s announcement stated that there are over 200,000 veterans that reside in Puerto Rico and many consume medical cannabis to treat their conditions, ranging from PTSD to chronic pain. PRMCA also mentioned that 21 of the 29 of the dispensaries on the island are still in operation, as well as nine of the island’s 11 grow facilities. Puerto Rico’s emerging cannabis industry faces additional obstacles, such as lack of power and supply shortages, in the wake of the hurricane.

The PRMCA is a group of medical professionals, business owners, scientists, patients and supporters dedicated to promoting legitimate and responsible cannabis use in Puerto Rico. Donations to the Stronger Together campaign can be made by texting PRHELP to 444-999 with donations going directly to the affected communities.

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