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Kentucky Could Legalize Cannabis by 2018
Author: Addison Herron-Wheeler  27/11/2017 - 08:00:00

Kentucky is typically known as a conservative state when it comes to cannabis, but it could very well be one of the next states to legalize cannabis. 

CULTURE talked last year about how the state could embrace recreational cannabis soon and it looks like serious plans are still on the horizon. According to NORML, Republican Senator Dan Seum is introducing a bill that would call for the legalization of recreational cannabis. 

“I’m looking at adult use, because that’s where the money is at,” Seum told Spectrum News. “Once we come out of the special session the governor is about to call, then we’re going to have a real, hopefully a real understanding of what the needs are when it comes to revenue.” 

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky secretary of state, also feels that this would be a beneficial move for the state. “2018 is and must be the year when Kentucky finally steps up on medical marijuana,” Grimes said in a statement, according to High Times

However, the state could certainly run into some roadblocks along the way. Gov. Matt Bevin has stated that he will never legalize recreational cannabis, and he has even gone so far to claim that cannabis overdoses have risen since legalization. (Presumably, he is referring to calls to poison control centers involving cannabis.)

However, despite this hurdle, there appears to be enough support within the state for legalization to push through. With bipartisan backing for bills on the horizon, this could be just enough to make sure that Kentucky goes legal in the near future. Only time will tell, but with some luck, 2018 will see the “Bluegrass State” ushering in a brand new kind of era.

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