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California Churches Scrutinized for Offering Marijuana to Members
Author: Sarah Parfitt  26/11/2017 - 11:30:00

Two San Jose churches are being scrutinized by the city for offering marijuana to its members. Authorities are calling the establishments fronts for illegal dispensaries. Coachella Valley Church is one of the marijuana-friendly places of worship under scrutiny. 

Coachella Valley Church believes marijuana is a sacrament, ABC 13 News reports, and uses the drug for religious purposes. Parishioners are encouraged to use marijuana while at the church’s sermons. 

Sebastian Grey says it’s not a dispensary, but an establishment of belief. When asked he said, “We’re a church. It’s just a $10 donation to be part of the church and then you’re a lifetime member.” 

Some sermons are delivered on a video screen with advertisements that show Jesus using marijuana. The church looks and operates like many other churches across the country, but with the unique acceptance of marijuana use.

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Original article from only420.com:California Churches Scrutinized for Offering Marijuana to Members


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