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Surviving Thanksgiving with Cannabis
Author: Nicole Potter  22/11/2017 - 08:00:00

For everyone, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for your family and friends. But for some, being around family for too long can incite certain . . . negative interactions. Knowing that situation all too well, here’s a quick and easy guide to making a Thanksgiving Emergency kit, complete with essential cannabis items to make sure everyone has a good time, or at least that you can continue to be on your best behavior while people talk about politics or bug younger generations about having kids. (Speaking of kids, be sure to keep any cannabis items stored safely on you person and away from minors.) 

Sharing with Family

If your family is supportive of cannabis, or if they are consumers, bring some joints to share! It’s the time of year to enjoy each other’s company, so if you’re lucky enough to have a chill family, now’s the time to share some cannabis and bond.

Be Discreet

If you’re family isn’t supportive of cannabis, bring tiny cannabis edibles that are discreet, don’t smell overly powerful and are easy to pop into your mouth. Similarly to bringing edibles, if you want to add a bit of cannabis oil to your drink, hemp seeds for your stuffing or cannabis butter for mashed potatoes, bring a small amount of that as well. Keep it on your person at all times though, to ensure that no one accidentally consumes without knowing (i.e. don’t leave it on the serving table).

Bring Sunglasses

Nobody can dance around this tried-and-true method. Use sunglasses to hide red eyes that may give yourself away when consuming cannabis. Alternately, this is also a good method of avoiding eye contact when that one relative tries to start a conversation with you!

Protect Your Brain

A lot of things can cause headaches. A frustrating conversation with a family member, for instance, may induce such suffering. Be sure to bring some useful CBD pills to relieve you from headaches that might be headed your way.

Bring Your Charger

For those who lean on the antisocial side of things when spending time with family, making sure you bring a cell phone charger is essential. Bring a charging cable, or a pre-charged portable battery pack.

Get Their Attention

Take everyone’s minds off of the negative topics, and bring a game that everyone can enjoy. These can be more family friendly, like the cell phone game Heads Up!, or adult-only games like Cards Against Humanity.

Be Prepared

While at a family member’s house, you may as well be comfortable. Bring the essentials, such as Tums, to ensure that your transition from starving to food coma is a pleasant one. If you’re a food lover, it may also help to wear the right clothing (something nice, but stretchy) to keep you comfortable.

BYOS: Bring Your Own Stuff

If you want to take food home, bring your own Ziploc bags or food containers. That way, you have plenty of storage space to transport the goods, which will be great to have on hand when you crave a Day-After-Thanksgiving-Pancakes.

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