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The Possibility of Jeff Sessions Going Back Into the Senate Could Take Cannabis Legalization across the Line
Author: Alice  15/11/2017 - 16:27:00

November 15,2017 

Jeff Moore, the Republican candidate from Alabama for the US Senate, has been feeling the heat by friends and foes alike to abandon the race after five Alabama women said what they did about him. According to the recent polls, Moore is now losing to a Democrat in the race. When you consider the fact that the state of Alabama hasn’t let a Democrat win the seat in the Senate in the last three decades, it should come as no surprise Republican Senators and party elders are jumping off of Moore’s bandwagon. 

The Republican leaders seem to be united to the cause of preventing this from happening and are, reportedly, discussing the possibility of Attorney General Jeff Sessions being appointed by Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey, when the seat becomes vacant again. The discussion of Session’s name for the seat might come as a surprise to quite a few, considering how his standing with President Trump has waned ever since the entire fiasco of Russian intervention in last year’s election campaign. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – Image powered by Slate.com

But is that even possible? Is the idea within Alabama’s rules for succession? Well, the fact of the matter is that nobody cares about it now, considering the hoo-ha that seems to be surrounding the issue. If the move is possible, however, it’d end up solving a lot of problems that the Republican Party finds itself up against. Not only will it give Sessions a chance to escape the President’s torment while still saving his reputation and political relevance but it’ll also solve the Party’s apprehensions of losing the seat with Roy Moore. For Roy Moore, however, this move will bring little to no solace—no move can!

What this means for the legalization of cannabis is that by the time the Justice Department gets its act right after Session’s move, under a different Attorney General, California will probably open its doors completely to recreational cannabis. Jeff Sessions was known for being all bark and no bite anyways, considering how he had more than a year for the process of cannabis legalization to be knocked off of its rail in California. Nominated just two weeks after California had voted in favor of cannabis, he expressed, many a times, about how it was his desire to do something about the unbridled nature of cannabis laws that exist in 37 states of the US. But the fact of the matter is, he’s done nothing!

Cannabis Legalization – Image powered by Dabbindad.com

The current deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, is expected to function as the interim AG for the rest of President Trump’s term. Rosenstein, however, is believed to be completely contrasted to Jeff Sessions. His stance on cannabis legalization is not clear; however, there’s always a chance that he might use the cannabis issue as a statement to assert the supremacy of the federal law.

Canada works, meanwhile, to build a regulated cannabis industry. If the current game of musical chairs prolongs, it can be expected that by the next year or so, we’ll be celebrating two of the world’s largest markets are benefiting from cannabis legally.

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