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We Asked Rep. Cohen About Today’s Session with Sessions
Author: Lesley Nickus  15/11/2017 - 00:41:00

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions about his stance on marijuana policy in the United States. 

The brief exchange had Sessions facing questions from Cohen about past remarks he’s made about marijuana users, claiming “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Cohen listed off a number of politicians who have openly admitted to smoking cannabis and inquired whether Sessions believed them to be bad people. Sessions explained that the comment was taken out of context and provided more background during questioning. 

Marijuana.com spoke with Rep. Cohen Tuesday afternoon to get his thoughts on the matter and provide an opportunity to expand on concepts he presented during the hearing. 

“[Marijuana] needs to be re-scheduled, the VA docs need to be able to prescribe it, the federal government shouldn’t interfere with the states. [U.S. Supreme Court] Justice [Louis] Brandeis has a statement about the states being laboratories for democracy,” Cohen said. “You’re supposed to learn from the states doing different things. So you should study how is it affecting the states differently that have it and don’t have it. And that’s not being done [on the federal level]. So it’s like we’re not trying to learn from the experiment that we’re in.” 

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