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PTSD is added to the Qualifying Conditions for New York’s MMJ Program
Author: Alice  14/11/2017 - 16:02:00

November 14, 2017 New York 

The state of New York marked the Veterans Day in a most fitting way by extending the qualifying conditions for the consumption of medical marijuana. Andrew Cuomo, the state governor, signed various bills into legislation on this Saturday. One of the bills includes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the qualifying conditions for use of medical marijuana. The change witnessed overwhelming support in the bicameral legislature of the state endorsed by the members from both sides of the aisle, when it was proposed in May this year. 

There are around 19,000 New Yorkers including veterans, police personnel and victims of domestic violence and other crimes that are suffering from PTSD. All these patients are now able to get therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. 

One of the bill’s sponsors, Richard N. Gottfried applauded the signing of the bill from the governor and declared it as a sign of rising acknowledgment of the significance of medical marijuana. He declared this development a right and much needed step in expanding the MMJ program of the state.

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Organizations fighting for veterans’ rights also commended the development. They had already warned that the rejection of the bill by the governor would compel PTSD sufferers to go to the black market or to move out of the New York for the sake of medical marijuana.

Of the 29 states that have legalized MMJ programs, New York is the 28th state to include PTSD in the qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana. Now Alaska is the only state among all the MMJ states that does not consider PTSD as the qualifying medical condition for its cannabis program. But PTSD patients in Alaska can have the access to marijuana because the state has legalized the adult-use.

Marijuana has been used by PTSD patients to treat the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and to develop the coping mechanism. Now, DEA-approved research study is also in its developing process to find the therapeutic benefits. It will study the effects of cannabis smoking on the PTSD symptoms. Most of the state MMJ programs only allow qualified patients to consume marijuana in non-smoking form.

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Other measures which have been signed into the legislation will allow state-employed veterans with more days off. Veterans will now also be allowed to have branch-specific (Navy, Cost Guard, Marines, Air Force or Army) license plates according to the respective branch of the military in which they served.

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