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New Defense Bill can Pave the Way for Allowing Medical Cannabis to Fighting Soldiers
Author: Alice  14/11/2017 - 17:33:00

November 14, 2017 

According to a news report published in Politico, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, would grant the Secretary Of Defense (SecDef) with additional powers. Now, the SecDef can allow military personnel stationed outside the US to consume drugs that are not FDA-approved. 

This proposed defense bill will allow the soldiers on active duty to consume experimental drugs including medical cannabis. It is interesting to see this development because marijuana plant is still prohibited in the books of the federal administration. Nevertheless, allowing medical marijuana to the fighting soldiers is a step forward because it has proven benefits for high levels of stress and anxiety

However, it will not be an easy task to get the nod of approval for this bill from the Congress and all the agencies that demonize cannabis. As of now, D.C. is facing immense pressure to not alter the safe and effective policy of medicine usage devised by the FDA.

Medical Marijuana – Image powered by Military.com

Existing legislation permits the FDA to grant the Pentagon authority on the consumption of experimental drugs in the wake of nuclear threat and other non-conventional attacks (chemical and biological). Thus, the Department of Defense (DOD) is basically asking the congress to stretch the existing law by providing the military complete decision making power in allowing emergency use of experimental medications to alleviate the severity of war-related injuries and calamities. The DOD is convinced of allowing the use of several medications at battlefield will assist in bringing more sick and injured military women and men safely.

According to the proposal report of the bill, “Traditional pathways to [FDA] approval and licensure of critical medical products for battlefield use are too slow to allow for rapid insertion and use of these products on the battlefield. This provision could lead to even higher survival rates from severe battlefield wounds suffered by service members.”

Defense bills have no or very less impact on daily life in the country but still FDA is unyielding in its protest against the bill. FDA commissioner thinks that the non-FDA approved medications would pose severe risks to military men. For now, the impasse between FDA and DOD is still unresolved.

FDA – Image powered by Thehill.com

Even though the bill doesn’t specify the use of medical cannabis, but in case the bill authorizes the Pentagon to allow non-FDA approved drug, marijuana will certainly top the list. A recent survey indicates that around 82% military veterans are supporting legalization of medical marijuana.

The idea of treating soldiers who are suffering from severe psychological disorders and chronic pains instead of prescription drugs of high potency is very plausible. The pentagon have rested their case by mentioning the therapeutic benefits of the experimental medications but FDA is still acting as a barricade in delivering these benefits to the fighting soldiers. The debate over legalization is not over yet and we have to wait and watch to see how its winds up.

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