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High Hampton Executive Interviewed on Canadian CannaInvestor Magazine
Author: Alison Cameron  14/11/2017 - 17:23:00

High Hampton Holdings Corp (CSE:) VP of Corporate Development David E. Argudo was interviewed in the November edition of the Canadian CannaInvestor Magazine. 

In his interview, Argudo provided an overview of the company’s approach to investing in the California market, focusing on areas of less risk and investing in real estate that is zoned for cannabis. This includes the company’s 10.8-acre Coachella property that has been approved by the municipality. 

In discussing High Hampton’s business model and approach, Argudo was also prompted to describe the company’s management team, which includes a former senator on the Political Team and a Cannabis Team made up by over 60 years of experience. 

Argudo finished the interview with a few questions regarding the company’s financials and share structure.

To read the full interview on pages 138-145 of the publication, click here.

Click here to connect with High Hampton Holdings Corp (CSE:HC) for an Investor Presentation.

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