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Massachusetts: Expungement and Criminal Justice Reform Heads to The House
Author: Monterey Bud  07/11/2017 - 18:06:00

Passed by the Massachusetts Senate in late October, a bill that would allow individuals convicted of marijuana possession to expunge their criminal records will be debated by the full House Monday. 

The bill named An Act Relative to Criminal Justice Reform – officially known as Senate Bill S.2200 – passed the Senate by a vote of 27 Yeas and 10 Nays on Oct. 27. 

Intended to overhaul the state’s criminal justice system, S.B. 2200 would establish new sentencing guidelines for those under “the age of criminal majority,” 19-years-old and younger, allowing for prior marijuana offenses to be expunged. Currently, the state only allows criminal records to be sealed by mail or by a judge. 

A hard-hitting bill for habitual drunk drivers and synthetic opioid dealers, the omnibus bill (read the summary) was praised via Twitter by the House Ways and Means Chairman Jeffrey Sánchez. While this legislation implements important reforms for Massachusetts criminal justice system, it includes enhanced punishments for repeat offenders who drive under the influence. 

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