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Manitoba Wants Private Dispensaries “Open for Business”
Author: Jon Hiltz  07/11/2017 - 22:21:00

In a stark contrast to Ontario and New Brunswick, the province of Manitoba announced today that it wants a “hybrid model” of private retailers with government oversight to sell legal marijuana in July. 

Manitoba’s Liquor and Lotteries Corporation will have the task of obtaining the cannabis supply for the prairie province, and a series of private retail stores will dispense the product to consumers. 

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister added in his announcement today that cannabis will not be sold in the same locations as alcohol. This conscious decision to use private dispensaries was cited as a cost-effective way for the province to avoid building new storefronts. 

Manitoba is now taking applications to open standalone dispensaries and even chains of stores that will be ready to operate as early as July 2, 2018. The minimum age to purchase marijuana in Manitoba has not yet been revealed, however, the minimum age requirement to consume alcohol in the province is 18. 

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