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Canada’s Licensed Producers Release Their Advertising Wish List
Author: Jon Hiltz  08/11/2017 - 18:53:00

A coalition of Canada’s licensed producers (LPs) that represent approximately 90 percent of the legal Canadian marijuana-growing industry released their recommendations Wednesday on how they would like to see cannabis advertising take shape in the Great White North. 

Bill C-45 has been speeding its way through the Parliamentary process since being introduced in April and Canada’s LPs have largely shown support and approval for the legislation with one caveat. 

The fly-in-the-cannabis-extract for these marijuana mega-farms is the stipulation in Bill C-45 which demands plain packaging and no advertising for cannabis products. 

The LPs have argued a ban on packaging will hinder their ability to differentiate between one another. More importantly, plain packaging could make it difficult for consumers to tell the difference between a legal and illegal product. 

With those concerns in mind, Canada’s licensed producers came together months ago in a rare display of unity. This unlikely collaboration was designed to create a set of proposed advertising rules for cannabis companies to follow that represent a compromise between the government’s desire for limited influence in cannabis consumption and a private retailer’s desire for brand identification.

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