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Cannabisize Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Author: Nicole Potter  06/11/2017 - 21:16:00

If there’s a cannabis trend that has proven it’s more than a seasonal movement, it’s weddings. Over the past two years, cannabis weddings have risen in popularity. Not only do brides and grooms who consume cannabis want to show off their passion, but many jobs have been created to help make that dream wedding a reality. Cannabis wedding planners, specially hired budtenders, and also hemp created gowns and suits have made cannabis yet another cool thing to embrace. 

But for those getting married, the wedding is only one day. But there are plenty of other ways to infuse your wedding-related festivities with cannabis as well. One of the most exciting times for pre-married couples is the chance to go all out and get a little crazy for their bachelor or bachelorette parties. Why not infuse that with cannabis too while you’re at it? No matter if you’re out for a night with the guys or wine tasting with the girls, there’s no reason not to make it a night you’ll never forget. You can do this in two ways—By going out or by staying in.


If you live in an area where cannabis tours are available, consider taking the wedding party on a tour of local dispensaries or cultivation sites. Similar to the experience of wine tasting, it allows your party to check out the ins and outs of cannabis industry in your area, while also being able to safely imbibe on the go in a party bus or limo. Whether you live locally or plan to travel to a destination, there is always the option of staying at a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast nearby as well.

If a cannabis dispensary tour is not your thing, you might consider going on a 420-friendly tour. Legal states like Colorado offer plenty of options for renting cannabis tour buses. Companies like Colorado Cannabis Tours, My 420 Tours and Loopr offer premium cannabis tours on wheels.


These are called parties for a reason. While cannabis is always welcome at certain bars or businesses (and in many states it isn’t allowed at all), consider a D.I.Y. party instead. Decorate with your favorite cannabis leaf paper garland or provide unique cannabis party hats, sashes and other wearable items. As for food, we’ve got you covered. Make your very own cannabis infused-cupcakes or ice cream cake. Don’t forget to stock up on cannabis beers or other infused version of alcohol too.

No matter which kind of bachelor/bachelorette party you choose, there isn’t a wrong way to celebrate if you have cannabis by your side.

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