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Punch Edibles Raises the Bar with Guilt-Free Cannabis Chocolate
Author: Devon Alexander Brown  03/11/2017 - 19:30:00

In the world of cannabis, the hunt for edibles used to be a dangerous game. Measuring serving sizes and finding a proper dosage was notoriously difficult, meaning overconsumption would be an all-too-regular threat. And options for potent, THC-free products were few and far between. Luckily companies like Punch Edibles, a leading California cannabis edibles company, is changing that with a potent chocolate bar that’s knocking out taste buds rather than senses. 

The Punch C-90 bar is 90mg of pure, non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), made with high-quality hemp cultivated in Colorado. Hemp is the only way to ensure a THC-free product and Punch Edibles only uses American-made hemp, which is put through natural carbon dioxide extraction to produce 99.9 percent crystalline isolates. The result is a delicious, gluten-free medicinal treat packed with pure CBD without residuals, heavy metals, pesticides or solvents. Finally, consumers everywhere can rest assured that all bars are tested per batch, ensuring safety and consistency. 

“We’re starting to get into the health and fitness industry because CBD works so great due to anti-inflammatory properties. And it’s really great both pre- and post-workout.”

CULTURE connected with Punch Edibles’ CFO Samantha C. to find out more about what makes the Punch C-90 bar consistently on point. “With CBD, there’s a lot of different ways to extract, which means there’s a lot of different ways to have error in your dosing,” Samantha C. said. “But the 99.9 percent pure crystalline isolate is a really secure way of knowing how much is going into each product.”

All punch chocolate bars are scored with a grid comprised of nine sections, which ensures dosing is worry-free. And with only 39 calories and four grams of sugar per serving, Punch Bars don’t pack on the pounds. They’re sensibly-sized and highly dosed, without the effects that come from bars with THC.

Although CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects like THC, it is known to be a powerful healer. Studies have shown that CBD has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, antispasmodic and anti-nausea properties which are beneficial to athletes and medical patients alike. Punch C-90 bars come in five flavors—milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate and toffee milk chocolate. As the effects of cannabis are delayed when eaten, peak effects occur within 60 to 90 minutes of consumption. The recommended serving size is three squares.

While these tasty edibles can be consumed at anytime, they’re especially helpful for those who are ready to get active. “We’re starting to get into the health and fitness industry because CBD works so great due to anti-inflammatory properties,” Samantha C. said. “And it’s really great both pre- and post-workout. And a lot of fitness people don’t want THC, so the product works really great for them—and we can ship it.”

CBD products are ideal for athletes of all sports and every member of the fitness community. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been shown to facilitate recovery after workouts and training sessions. Also, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t stimulate appetite, meaning you won’t be tempted to eat the kitchen after reaping the benefits of physical activity and healing.

In addition to the Punch C-90 bar, Punch Edibles offers Punch Bars with either 150mg and 225mg of cannabinoids. Punch Bars are available in the following 10 flavors: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate almond, toffee milk chocolate, mint dark chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate caramel bits, tangerine dark chocolate, s’mores milk chocolate, milk chocolate malted crunch and dark chocolate sea salt. A 225mg combo punch bar, which is a decadent half peanut butter, half chocolate concoction comes in five flavors, and a sugar-free and white chocolate punch bar are also available. Regardless of flavor, all Punch Bars are 39 calories and four grams of sugar per serving.

Punch Bars of all varieties can be found throughout the Los Angeles area and are shipped nation wide. Through the Punch Cares program, Punch Edibles offers California medical cannabis patients and veterans free high-quality cannabis-infused chocolate bars as alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals. It is clear that Punch Edibles is committed to providing a natural form of recovery.

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