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Gov. LePage Stands in the Way of Maine Recreational Cannabis
Author: Lesley Nickus  03/11/2017 - 17:27:00

Gov. Paul LePage holds the key to the future of cannabis regulation in the state of Maine. And on Nov. 3, he temporarily locked the door to further development of Maine recreational marijuana regulations when he vetoed the bill passed by lawmakers 10 days ago. Lawmakers who supported the legislation say they are working on a plan to override the veto. 

Question 1, to legalize marijuana in the state of Maine, passed by a margin narrow enough to result in a recount

2016 election results from Question 1 in Maine 

After a little more than a week of counting in December 2016, the opposition withdrew its recount request. But Gov. LePage wasn’t quite convinced, saying he would consider challenging the results of Maine legalization if the Trump administration decided to enforce federal cannabis laws. At that time, LePage also questioned the value of Maine’s medical marijuana program on the advent of a recreational program.

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